What does the “Follow” button do?

So there was this recently added button that looks like this:

What happens when you follow people? Do you get notified on every reply and post they make? Or what? Thanks in advanced!

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If you follow other users you see a topic list with the latest activity of users you are following. This topic list will have all the same functionality as other Discourse topic lists.

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There is also this

Am guessing it for the people you like and you want to know when they posted…

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Oh, I never saw that! Thanks for the link!

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I think there will be a short announcement about this later, but yes it’s basically that follow plugin that was linked before with some minor alterations to make sure that followers/following are hidden from others, so that follower count doesn’t become a competition.


The follow button lets the player know when the player you follow makes a new topic or reply.

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Ya you do get notified if someone your following posts. Just got a notif because buildthomas posted

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Me too, it appears an Person icon next to the reply.

Yeah an announcement for this was just made:

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