What exactly is script activity %?

My script is measuring 8.6% script activity. I know that is supposedly bad, but what does activity actually mean? What is the percentage of?



this can help

The post linked in that post mentions script activity as the % of the CPU the script is using. This cannot be the case, because at a higher 35% activity, my CPU was at just 10% usage, which is the same as when the activity was 8.6%.

This unfortunately does not answer my question.

What post linked inside that post mentions the % is only the CPU?
This? The hub?

Well it says its the CPU and GPU.

This is what I was referring to. Read the OP, and he mentions CPU: Question on Script Performance: Activity vs. Rate

Oh yeah! you are right. Well thats the person who is looking for help, I dont know if he took in consider everything related with the Script Activity %.

And what you’r PC is showing as CPU % usage, I dont think is totally related with the engine getting its own Activity %. Which will be different.

The real problem, is how you are having 8.6% and even 35% on the roblox player? What is that script doing?

The scripts are moving 1500 parts between CFrames via manual stepping and tweening. The CFrames are determined by raycasts. It’s a bit of a stress test, but I’d like to know what the script activity really is, so I can determine what sacrifices in performance I’m able to make if need be.

Yeah its hard to find any good documentation about what Script Activity is exactly reading, to get that %.
If you keep with ur tests, and go step by step, testing more functions, you can discover it better, cause theres no good documentation about it.

I would just go with a basic idea, that its based on how expensive are the tasks for each device maybe.
I would really like to know whats is exactly considerating to measure that. But, I cant find any good documentation about it :confused:

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agree with Dev_Peashie , we need more documentation.
but fro what i have been reading so far

your game uses a certain amount of processing power

script activity is the amount of processing power used for just your scripts, in relation to what the game total uses.

this does not take into account any reserved processing power

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