What features should I add into my building game?

I am currently working on a building game for my 8nd grade’s project and overall to impress my friends.

Basically, you join, you own a plot and then build anything from blocks on your plot. I understand there’s a risk of inappropriate art and that can probably even get my game banned or something like that so I implemented a report system connected to a Discord webhook but if that’s not enough, you can give me suggestions on that as well (how to prevent inappropriate art).

The game looks very plain and boring at the moment so please, if anyone could at least give me one suggestion, that would be great!!

Here’s the game link (don’t respawn cause it’ll break the tools): build stuff lol - Roblox


well, you can’t play the game (or i just can’t find out how) the camera moves and then freezes and you can’t do anything. and the rotating is too smooth, you should make it snap instead cause straightening it all the time would get annoying.

Can you elaborate on the camera’s problem? I think you’re in the menu and you can’t see the buttons maybe cause they aren’t scaled.

Also, I’ll take the rotation improvement idea to consideration.

LOL, also I worked on a GUI tonight and I left it visible and published it, thinking nobody will play my game but now this happened. I hope it won’t bother you.

Can you send a video of that camera bug?

i’m guessing there was a menu before, but the start button or whatever doesn’t load. i guess it isn’t a bug with the camera.

Yeah, I do not know how that’s possible. I guarantee there are buttons though. I’ll investigate it tomorrow, thank you!


May I ask what resolution your screen is set on?

1920x1080 (gotta put stuff so it’ll let me reply)

I just remembered that I set the menu’s visibility to disabled because it was in my way while developing. I can get on my PC after school though.

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I fixed it btw and made the rotation better


The game is great so far, and the loading screen ran without a problem. However, I was unable to scroll all the way down to the last button on the materials UI; I’m not sure if that was intentionally done or not. Overall, great job!

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Yeah, I have the same problem. I don’t know why that’s happening. To my knowledge, scrolling frames are supposed to update on their own whenever there’s a new instance added into it. Maybe there’s a property I need to set for it to work properly?

Anyways, I’ve had like so much stress with thinking of ideas on what to do for my 8nd grade’s project. I even had some other game ideas, but they all turned out bad. Literally all of the code I scripted broke because I sucked at constructing the logic of it. This game is probably the easiest I have thought of. I just need more ideas from the community now.

I see you’re a modeler, if you were given a job to improve this game by creating some models, what models would you add into the game?

Personally, I believe this game has a lot of potential! I’m probably the worst person to know anything about scripting, but I discovered from a few tutorials that the larger the canvas size is (in the scrolling frame’s properties), the longer you may scroll as far as I remember.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to fix up the scrolling frame as well.
I am actually trying to find some people to hire like UI designers to improve the current GUI and make some new GUI and also those graphics designers so I can have an icon for my game.

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I was thinking of what map I should have instead of just a few plots, two conveyors and some platforms. Maybe like one huge map with trees and stuff and plots on them?

In terms of scripting, perhaps you could include rounds, where each round has a concept and expires after a set amount of time. All players could then vote on each other’s creations, with the winner receiving additional rewards.

When it comes to modeling, I’d definitely spice up the map. Each base has a unique style, and you could add little elements such as having the player hold a hammer when equipping a tool (edit, delete, etc.) These are just a few examples that come to mind right now.

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Definitely, a map is a great idea!

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I suck at constructing the logic for any round-based scripts :c Oh well, I can always hire a scripter but that would be illegal to do considering that I am a scripter myself…

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Actually, I disagree, haha I believe hiring a scripter will benefit you, in the meantime, you may practice more and add more items based on your knowledge while the scripter does what you hired them to do!

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