What font is this?

I want to know what the font in the attached image is.
So far, I have gone down the list of fonts twice and tried font finder websites.


You mean the font used in the Event/Function/Children list?

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I believe the font in the script editor and the autocomplete list are the same.

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I have been looking into “Amazing Slab Medium”. However, I wonder if they are using a font in studio instead of something external.

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I considered this, and while there are a lot of similarities, there are a few differences.

Its JetBrains Mono, imo one of the best fonts.

Edit: Just looked closer and if isnt JetBrains Mono lol

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Once again, many similarities, but it’s not the exact font I’m looking for.

I think the font is Source Code Pro.

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I see very slight differences, it looks pretty much the same unless you try to dissect it. Thank you!

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