What formula would i need to use in order to get the time taken to travel an x distance at y speed?

question is hopefully simple, i am someone who sucks at maths who needs to do a maths equation, yipee!

im trying to do a tween for a plane, but don’t want to give myself a headache doing trial and error, so i want to automate the process and make the tweens time change to reflect a set speed and the distance itd take to get to its goal

i dont really know if i need to explain anything more, i dont even know if this is the right category to post under, i just need solutions :')


So the formula is speed = Distance / Time
Or in your case time = Distance * Speed


Hopping on what @minimic2002 said, here’s a little illustration to help v


would this work as intended with the roblox units? or do i need to convert anything

It should work the exact same and you shouldn’t have to convert anything