What game i should make?

Im really bored and i want to make a game but i have no idea

First i want to make a escape room or something but people wont play it because it will be boring

second i want to make a obby but i dont think people will play it too

and every game that i make ends up in the trash

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You can make a simple infection game, or even like an impossible obby like game.

personally whenever I am thinking of something to make I re watch this video:

Im not a very good scripter the only things i can script is a block play music a leaderboard and a open and close gui

but an obby i can possibly do that

No No No I love the escape room idea you can do it but make like coin systems shop systems advanced escapes and co-op and more just hmu if you want more ideas about it you can message me on devfourm

i have a pretty cool system.
basiclly you take two ideas and make it one game.
so an escape room and an obby together would be a pretty good game in my opinion.

Make a murder game, those are always fun to play

Ohhhh okay i think im liking this idea

Focusing only on obby is not likely to help
because of how many people created so many obbies and people thinks of it being boring you only skip those obby but nothing special

Fighting games or some kind of FPS would be easier for you

it’s not like you’re putting some free model gun that is mostly being used or can’t be edited

Why do you think it’s easier?
especially you can showcase or make a weapons that you want or Remake some gear you want to as shown in video

i use FE Gun kit edited version as how it turns

(taken from my topics)

for example i have Rocket Launcher which is remake from roblox

or if you want some Melee game
then i highly suggest you with it
(no I’m not forcing you to do this but it’s your choice)

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You can make any game that you find interest in doing or enjoy making gathering a (game idea) can be difficult, in those cases you should brainstorm a game idea the concept and style you want it to feature.

If you’re not good at scripting take inspiration from existing games to improve your skill level. Or design some basic mechanics, to help you find a game to create from the time being. There are many games to create try to look for things that inspire you - and see what the end result takes you.

Just for future noticed consider using the search function first, as this specific question has been brought up in countless of threads before; Refer