What games should starting developers make?

This is something we struggle a lot. There are tons of genres and simple games but which genre should I choose to make a game on? Tycoon, simulator and obbies are simpler compared to other genres, and we might create one. Thoughts?

Also if you’re wondering I do have a little bit of scripting knowledge like: tables, tools, UserInputService, Mouse, printing, if else statements, functions and more.


I’d say obbies and tycoons would be good to start. Simulators have a lot of more complex mechanics that are needed to make a relatively good one. Obviously, not everyone has to follow this advice, I started off by making a showcase with the terrain tool (privated for eternity). If you’re good at building, try that. Better at scripting? Try obbies and tycoons to start off. That’ll help you find what kind of games you like to make and feel motivated to keep creating!


an obby is probably the most simplest one because it only requires basic scripting of no scripting.(especially free model obbies >_>)

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This question should not be up to the community to recommend you which genre or ‘simple game(s)’ you should create.
What I personally suggest is creating a game that you find relevant.
A game that you would enjoy spending your time to create.

Anything that piques your interest - you should go for it and have fun.


I’m better at scripting for now to be honest, I can make simple buildings though.

I mean there are probably people asking this question too?

Edit: I meant new developers when I said we lol.

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Yes, and as I stated.
You should create the type of game that generates enthusiasm for you as you work.
Whether you’re a new developer or not.

It usually occurs when creating a game that you find slightly difficult - regarding to improve your knowledge within scripting.
Which is also good, due to no one requesting you to create the game at a specific day, you could take your time to learn how to do what you can’t as you create.

At the end, were you not satisfied with your result? That’s completely fine, you’ve know managed to learn more than you used to know to begin with, making it easier for you work on your next project.
You don’t need to rely everything on a single project.

Anyhow, as mentioned I do suggest having fun as you go. :+1:

Okay. thanks for the response! I’ll try my best to do it.

I would agree with @ItzNinjakitty, Obbies are the best games to start with. But I dont agree on tycoons, since they have a lot of scripting, but simple building.

I dont think simulators are good to start with since simulators are mainly advanced scripting and advanced building. If I was a starter developer, I would make a sort of hangout game, or a simple fighting game. But remember, this is all in my opinion, and probably lots would disagree or have another idea.


What do you mean a fighting game? Like a sword fighting game? And I didn’t mean a full completed simulator, just a basic map and a tool where it would give you clicks and if the clicks are 20 it would give you coins.

Yeah, some type of gear fighting game.

Yeah, that’s what I thought, but it depends on if you want a really good map.


My first game was a tycoon from using Zed’s Tycoon Kit, me and my friends enjoyed it a lot and when they said it was repetitive I started researching into it and found ways to expand the tycoon.

As I kept on expanding, I just realized. I made an entire game. That’s how I made my first thousand visits. I didn’t get any revenue from it because my goal was just to have people playing.

In conclusion, tycoons are a good way to go, they only require a kit, and the kit isn’t frowned upon by people who don’t like the toolbox. A lot of people use it and can enjoy making games with it.

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I think starting developers should make the games with trending genre for the time when they are developing. In 2019, it were simulators, in 2020 it were stories.
Of course they should do it if they want to success, if they want to make stuff just for fun, they can make anything.

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Okay, thanks for the response! I’ve worked with some kits before in my first account and made a few tycoons with it.

Obbys are the most simpliest one, just search up for things from toolbox!

I see everyone always saying “Obby Games” or “Tycoons”. This is basically saying:
Idk Im too lazy to give a creative suggestion, so here is an easy thing that you can find in the toolbox within 5 minutes!

I recommend doing whatever comes to your mind. Want to make an FPS? Go for it. Its complicated, and you probably wont finish it, but you probably learned something in the process of developing it. Look up tutorials.

Suggesting something that has been said thousands of times and because its “Easy” doesn’t mean it is a good idea.

TL;DR: Don’t do simple things like obbies or tycoons UNLESS you want too. Do whatever comes to your mind. It shouldn’t be up to the community what you want your creations to be.


Thats a good way to get studio viruses and backdoors if you just tell people to use all the free models you want.


I didn’t suggest obby games or tycoons because I’m lazy. These are easier for a beginning project and don’t take as long, which might just be what you want for a starter project. You want something simple and that you can grow on in the future if you so chose to. I’m also doing CKStudio+ to learn how to script, and those are the things they recommend as well.

Starting developers should start programming scripts to understand the basics of programming and the API, then make short and easy-to-make games (like short obbies). Developers should never start with making a complex game or at least invest most of their time into it.

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What if a developer that knows the basics of programming and how it works? I’ve been coding in Python for awhile and I’m familiar with programming, yet I’m new to Lua.