What Games ya'll working on In this Quartine?

Reply Here to tell Others what your working On during this thing. And Im leaving this It CTF I make it public only for testing again and im leaving this In until im done with the game . XD


My simulator’s and my hotel. Not much. :smile:

I’m trying to learn GFX. It’s much more easier then I thought! Also releasing a game soon!

I’m working on a tutorial for my game, Maze Craze. I think it’ll be really good because it shows the player about the game, not tell them about it.

I’m also working on other minor things for Maze Craze, but I’m mostly trying to wrap up the tutorial. :slightly_smiling_face:

Same games I guess yall???

After all, roblox does not have Quarantine.

I’m just working on getting my game to be functional, but since it’s my first major project and I’m incredibly lazy the task is proving to be difficult.

For about a month now, I’ve been following PeasFactory’s tutorials on scripting. I’d say that I’ve been making good progress on it

I’ve been working on a Defense game of mine for months now, I and my buddy @Coloris_m are doing some hard work on this game, he is scripting majority of the system while I am doing some building things and some other scripting things that will help out the game.

Here are some images of the game so far!

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