What happened to Roblox's datastore 6 seconds between write limit

Roblox has a 6 second write limit on the datastore

and before when testing I would always get warnings saying that my request was added to a queue

but when testing today the 6 second write limit is no more :open_mouth:

Test in live game

Test in studio

as you can see from the time there is not a 6 second delay

is this something I can rely on going forward or should I ignore this and still pretend there is a 6 second limit?


Unless you find official documentation that the limit is removed, absolutely don’t rely on it.

Besides, it is bad for your network optimization to save to datastore that often. Either use DataStore2 (pretty efficient module), or look how they do their saving and incorporate it into your system.

Maybe Roblox is working on removing the limit and has given some users the ability to write to the datastore without a 6 second delay

some users in my discord server have reported the same thing

if this is the case this would be really cool

Would be cool, the key word is “Maybe”, I wouldn’t rely on a maybe for a public game.

The limit was removed from the documentation!

but I have not seen any announcement

looks like its been announced this is very cool


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