What happened to the particles?

I just opened studio and a place, and after 10 minutes I noticed all of the particles are gone. So I check the rendering settings and the cause was an editor quality. The particles works for 1-15 but 16 up is gone.
Here’s some example:

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Particles are currently broken atm. It looks like a new update may have broken the particle rendering. And because graphics level 15 and below disables anti-aliasing, it’s possible that AA has something to do with it. Maybe an employee was working on AA and published the changes only to not realize that they just broke particle rendering. I really have no exact clue on what actually caused this bug.

I only started to notice this bug when I was testing my tropical cyclone system and then tested to see if it occurred in other places and it def did. So I went on the dev forums and wanted to know if others were having the same issue.

They were: Particle System Completely Disabled

Edit: After more digging around, I notice that staff are in the process of releasing animated particles. Maybe this invisible particle bug has something more to do with the “flipbooks” feature than anti-aliasing.


i am having the same issue as well

Awww the new update fixed the rendering

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