What is a good amount of parts for roblox game

I have roughly 15,000 parts in my game and I am wondering if I increase part count will lag occur. Also wondering what you think is the ideal amount of parts for a game with 60 player server.


on my PC with GTX760 i can run smoothly 20,000 parts but less is good
between 10k and 25k of parts maybe :thinking:

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There are various Devices,
I Believe you’ll won’t have much Mobile users at 15k,
i personally am in PC Quality 1 60 FPS for this amount

i don’t really think having around 30k is a big issue either as long they are not in the same place,
Far away so Low Quality don’t load it or completely make maps temporarily dissapearing for the player

MeepCity is a good example of structure optimization as contents loads depending of the player’s location, you probably knows all this but feels like i’ll insist on that so you’ll even be able to attract the majority of mobile users if it’s ever compatible.

It just matters how you implement it to be honest and what’s the most suitable for your target platform(s). For example : Mobile Devices would be aimed to have particularly low parts on the contrary to a PC. But yet again, those parts could be nicely spread over a large map using streaming enabled which would be more performance friendly for mobile.
ROBLOX announced in RDC that they’re adding LODs to unions and meshes which will make you less worried about killing performance on low-end devices.

Could you be more specific about what the game is so its more easy to find a suitable range for you

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My computer is a 7 y/o Dell XPS (pls don’t make fun) And on quality 1, it’ll lag like crazy with more than 15K parts. (Given it even loads into the game)

So you might take into account those with older computers…But a high majority of peoples’ computers are less than 5 y/o.

I guess you choose between detail and players?


Like 10k parts good for phone and tablet users?

It’s not just part count that creates lag.
Use of terrain water, moving parts, particleemitters, etc,
all can lead up to frame drops when used a lot.

I agree with @kenami’s reply.
You should definitely make a loading system if your place has a lot of parts/effects.

Do you think unions are a good idea to help make a game mobile compatible? Like union the parts to help reduce part count?

Definitely not!
That was a mistake I also made in the past.
TL;DR: It does the exact opposite when used the wrong way.

If you have objects like doors, tables, vases, anything that has small detail on it, I highly advise you to make a mesh of it in blender or any other modelling program.
NOTE: Simply exporting your roblox model to blender and then converting it into a mesh will not do the trick.
The triangle count will stay the same, which is what you want to reduce.
Every 3d object has a triangle count. The more an object has, the more difficult it will be on clients.
Although, you wont notice that until you start using a lot of high quality meshes.

Union should only be used, in my opinion, when you need to make parts allign with eachother.


By any means I have no previous experience in making mobile games but it seems to be a sensible part count

Don’t calculate it in parts, calculate it in tris(short for triangles). Computers render most everything by triangles, not by parts. Plus, the amount of tris per brick can very drastically. For example, a brick has 12 tris, but a cylinder could have 100+. 10 bricks could cause as much gpu lag as 1 cylinder.

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How would you calculate it by triangles? Are you able to dot hat in studio?

There are a few ways to do so. The easiest way to do so is in studio. Go to view, and click render. Another way you can do so is by exporting your scene into blender (meshparts won’t export), and looking at the top right corner for tris.

Thank you.

I am thinking that anything above 10k-15k individual parts causes slight lag, but up to 25k parts should be fine :slight_smile:

Basically trying to balance having nice detail and high player count per server.

It’ll lag a lot. I’d suggest creating a universe function or something else to negate this

The best way to take care of lag is to have lag to take care of in the first place. You’re asking if your game will lag in the future if you keep adding parts, but a lot of it depends on exactly how the parts are laid out and what exactly you’re doing. If your game starts to lag, check the developer console for stats as it may not even be due to part count. For now, you have nothing to fix if the game is performing fine.

At some point it can’t be the developer’s problem if somebody is trying to run their brand new game on extremely old hardware. That’s totally on the person trying to run it.

I don’t try to support stuff once it gets crazy old like that. I’m sure that 90% of whatever else runs on it would be slow besides Roblox anyway.

I mean, when I first played back in 2011, I was on a computer that at the time was around the same age as yours and it still had terrible framerate, despite the fact that most Roblox games were way more simple than they are now. That’s just the way it is. If your hardware isn’t up-to-date, don’t expect to be able to handle the latest and greatest without some kind of problems.

Yeah, I didn’t mean to make it seem that he should make sure it runs on ancient computers such as mine.
I was just throwing in that some people still have old PCs. :stuck_out_tongue: