What is a GOOD simulator idea

Hi! My name is Max and I have been wondering what a unique simulator genre that is something else from the others. I UNDERSTAND that simulators aren’t as popular as they were, but they can still do the job. Any feedback is appreciated.


A simulator idea? Well it really depends on what type you want to make.

  • Clicker Sim
  • A Pet-Sim
  • Household Chore Sim
  • PVP Sim
  • etc etc… (there’s too many)

When you choose what type you want to make, (there’s like hundreds more than I listed) you then have to browse through the discover page finding popular and not popular, new and old, not active and active simulator games and compile a list of what they’re about, from there I’d do about creating one that doesn’t show up on the list at all, or a lot.

Simulators that are unique but gain players and is fun are the ones mostly to succeed such as Bee Swarm Simulator, Goal Kick Simulator, and Animal Simulator. Simulators that use basic tools to reward players in-game currency are the ones that may not get many visits as many games use those and are probably outdated by now.

A Knife battle or gun battle ?
those can keep player I feel for a longer time since you can have tons of rewards
for players to claim

I was thinking of a swordy type game. Clicking games die out quickly and a pet-sim get too many exploiters that kill the game.

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I plan to use VFX, Quests as those aren’t used much, and trading.

Yea I feel that will be a good idea since some games are still alive because of trading

Yes that can work really well. Sounds great :+1:

All games will come across exploiters, it’s inevitable. With a sword type one you want to make sure if it’s PVP that the swords can defeat better sword if you know how to PVP, if it’s not and you fight enemies make sure that the sword isn’t always overpowering the enemies, you want the game to not be easier but not hard, you want it to take time but not too much time, if it’s really easy and able to be entirely completed in a few hours, scrap it.

Alright, so what can be a good title for it?

Is there a theme or something to it? For instance Blox Fruits is like a fighting enemies simulator with some PVP, of course that theme is One Piece. If you think of a theme and then (not required) a storyline you can come up with a title.

There are tons of different names you can use
here is a couple

  • Sword Blox
  • Fight for Roblox

Kill enemys, gain new rewards, and buy better stuff with upcoming worlds while completing quests, trading for better things, and pets.

Okay then,

  • Swordsman Simulator
  • Melee Mayhem Sim
  • A Swordsman Journey

I’m not the best with titles if you can’t tell.

you could further hone the genre beyond just “swords” by picking an era or theme… samurai games aren’t the most original to make but with anime being such a huge boon to a games’ traction you could make it an anime game with katanas

Theme would be sci-fi/futuristic

fortnite simulator cracked 3d epic dubs

Make an actual simulator. Pet simulators are not simulators at all according to Oxford definitions:




simulator (noun) · simulators (plural noun) · simulator program (noun) · simulator programs (plural noun)

  1. a machine with a similar set of controls designed to provide a realistic imitation of the operation of a vehicle, aircraft, or other complex system, used for training purposes:

“a driving simulator”

  • a program enabling a computer to execute programs written for a different operating system.

Pets do not float around you 24/7 giving you millions of dollars for running at absurd speeds. Make an actual similar that has a fun, realistic experience. Skydiving would be fun, IMO.

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There are thousands of simulators on Roblox, but the problem is that a ton of them are the same. Just search up “Clicking Simulator” and 100 will pop-up. Making the same simulator as others just doesn’t work. So you need to make a unique one. Simulators are great, and a huge amount of people like them. They do make a lot of Robux, so try searching up a really unique idea, and you will make big bobuc.

Some actually good ideas for you:

  • PVP Simulator
  • Sport Simulator (Football, Basketball…)
  • RPG Simulator
  • Car Simulator
  • Gun Simulator
  • Explosion Simulator
  • Survival Simulator

Still do the job…? What is that supposed to mean?

If your trying to make a cash grab just say it