What is a path finding link?

I know what is a path finding modifier but what is a path finding link


Nobody knows :open_mouth:

Or more likely it’s a feature that isn’t fully released yet. It’s mentioned in an API update from november 30th:

Guessing from the properties:


… seems to be a way to connect two points in space to tell the built in pathfinding service that one point can be reached from the other, which might be helpful in all sorts of ways! AI may be able to find the shortest path even considering teleporters! Or perhaps devs can add links to e.g. tell the AI that it can jump over a gap, climb a ladder, open a door, etc.

Exciting stuff! We’ll have to wait and see tho…


Yes I also thought the same, but just to confirm I posted the question, turns out no one has a clarity regarding path finding link