What is rbxgameasset://

I’ve seen it in some code before, but I don’t know what it is. I tried searching online about it but it’s just people asking help on other stuff and rbxgameasset:// just so happens to be in the code, so it pops up in the search.

On the devforum there was literally nothing about it.

It’s a prefix that goes before the content URL of an asset.

For example, if you had an image with an ID of 123456789 and wanted to get the content URL you could do:

local PREFIX = "rbxgameasset://"

local image1 = 123456789

local imageURL = PREFIX..image1
-- Now imageURL is "rbxgameasset://123456789"

Content URLs are used to get assets. For example, to set the image of a Decal or ImageLabel you would need to set the Image to a content URL (ex: “rbxgameasset://123456789” edit: it’s a format to get an asset uploaded for a specific game, see replies below).

More info on the docs pages:

ohhh so its just the same as rbxassetid?

but why have i seen rbxassetid://Images/ before aswell?

I hadn’t realized it was different from rbxassetid. I assume it’s the same? I recall there was an older version of rbxassetid.

yeah, its weird theres nothing about it. when i looked at code with it, they didnt use asset id, it would be like


edit: and by the way these rbxgameasset images dont load anymore

I found what it’s for: I believe it’s the prefix for assets uploaded to a specific game (for example through the asset manager).

must be an older prefix for asset manager images then, because when i try reference an image i uploaded to asset manager in my game, it doesnt work, and also when i upload those images, they just make them asset id’s

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