What is 'ReplicatedScriptService'?

So I was scrolling around studio to add Team Service to the game and saw this:

Screenshot (3048) No clue what this is

What is this for?, what are you even supposed to do with it?
I tried looking for a wiki or post about it but couldn’t find a single thing.

Never saw that before
try inserting it and doing something like

local rss = game:GetService("ReplicatedScriptService")

and then after you could do ‘rss.’ and see what appears and also try doing ‘rss:’

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Its likely going to be the new universal container.
“Added a new service for running server and client logic in a single container.”
It currently doesn’t function though.


Or maybe they would make it like serverscriptservice,serverstorage :thinking:

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If I were to guess I’d say it would be something like ServerScriptService but for client and server. You can’t run scripts in ‘ReplicatedStorage’ as far as I know so maybe that’d be something about it.

I was thinking of that in my head lol.

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Please, search before posting :slight_smile: , i solved a thread before:

I hope this helps.

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