What is the best thing to use for Creating GUI Or Thumbnail


What is the best thing to use to create GUI or a thumbnail could you help me please?

You could use Gimp, it’s good for a free software and it has decent amount of tools but at the same time it’s not only for guis and thumbnails, but it’s mostly for photo editing so it’s not as good as softwares which are concentrated for creating guis or thumbnails and different designs.

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Any program is good for creating gui or thumbnails you just have to experiment with variety of softwares and see which ones your more comfortable using simple selections: (Paint.NET - Gimp - Inkscape).

You may want to dive into different options and find ones that’s your choice there are many programs to offer the abilities to create icons, Ui and more in this case Inkscape - gimp, photopea are free you could it provides a bunch of tools and brushes and more whether you’re wanting paid options or free ones they produce similar/identical designs and a cleaner interface. There is a learning curve and it’ll take time to learn how to make quality designs:

Here is a thread with information and variety of programs listed.


I use paint.net as it’s free and works for lots of use cases

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But Paint net is only for 64-bit windows though, so I use Gimp because it’s for both 32 and 64 bit systems.

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I do have a 64 Bit pc Windows 10

I personally use Affinity Photo so I can do a one-time purchase instead of a monthly or annual plan which Photoshop requires.

The way I achieve all the effects in my thumbnails/GUI is by having a bunch of generic images with certain qualities; e.g., a purple wallpaper with particle effects.
That way I can get a screenshot of my game and place that image over and set the blending mode to Screen or Reflect, giving the final product a color effect along with a particle effect that I can edit using the Gaussian Blur layer effect.

Image editing software may also have a feature to add a Lens Filter effect to give the overall image a hint of that color.


If you want to make successful and nice icon/thumbnails, you can use the two following softwares.

Blender - Rendering
Photopea - Web version of Photoshop, and its free :slight_smile: (perfect for beginners)