What is the best way to knoback a player

What is the best way of knockbacking a player that it will feel natural and smooth like Rouge Lineage and Blood Samurai and Shindo life but the main example is Rouge

80% of the developers (including me) use a BodyVelocity inside of the enemy’s primary part (HumanoidRootPart), it works well.


This right here, you can also use game.Debris:AddItem(BodyVelocity, duration) to make it easier to decide how long it lasts.

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yea i tried but for reason when i move someone it has this little glich that makes it stop for a sec

Are you trying it on a dummy or on another player? Usually if done on dummies, they are a little glitchy cause they are controlled by the server. Also make sure the MaxForce isn’t too high, as it makes the BodyVelocity jittery (this if the bodyvelocity is done on the server).

BodyGyros and Velocities are having small technical issues.

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I’m talking about a player for some reason when I’m using it . It glitches and make the knockback laggy it like calculates it for a sec and then to the player to the position it supposed to be i encountered this problem in many fighting games any ideas why?

I’m pretty it’s because of either a physics delay or client → server latency delay

Yea but I’m talking im general because even before this bug it happened im talking about 2 months ago (I took a break from scripting for a while)

Maybe this is why but is there anyway to get around?

Oh, I see. Thanks for letting me know.

There might be a few solutions, you could try NetworkOwnership or LineForce

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Thank you I will give it a try

One more thing about networkownership will it work if I address a player in it?

Yes, if you address a player in it then they will become the network owner but if you place nil in it, the network owner becomes the server

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