What is the best way to start building?

Hello, my name is vruae and I am interested in becoming a builder. But I don’t really know where to start. I never build something good. I heard that some people use F3X? It would be nice to leave some tips. I also have some questions:

• What plugins should I use?
• Roblox studio or Blender?
• Are there any good youtuber who makes tutorials?


F3X is a great tool to use that will be very helpful for you if your just starting out :+1:


If you use F3X, set your increment on moving and scaling tool to 0.001. It will make things smooth as you move/scale it.

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I highly recommend F3X. :roblox:

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Theres no one way of building or one set of plugins, everyone builds in their own way, best thing I can suggest is get an idea of what you wanna be able to do like furniture or structures and then practice that over and over again untill you find a way thats both easy for you but also looks the way you want


F3X and GapFill are some of the best plugins to help you get started with building!


Start small and work your way up to large and more detailed builds. Personally, I’d recommend familiarizing yourself with Studio tools before going straight to plugins. It’s pretty straight-forward, and you can find some good tutorials on YouTube.

These are a couple of tutorials by @Sheasu that I found on YouTube:

Introduction to ROBLOX Studio
How to Build in ROBLOX Studio

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Okay, thank you so much for the helpful tip!

If your looking for ways to improve your building skills or wanting to learn how to build. You just practice and start building.

There isn’t a best way to start building everyone has there own approach when learning how to build I’ll always consider starting simple and create skim thing you enjoy doing and wanting to create. As a short simple answer it’s all about “practice” softwares aren’t going to make you a better builder if you choose blender e.g. there is a curve as you will need to learn the ropes and workflow around that specific software.

There are variety of youtubers and resources that’ll help you along the way if your gonna use a software blender gurus beginner tutorial (donut & mug one) is a great place to start, consider in the future using the search function since topics regarding this have been discussed before. Here is a thread that leaves useful information that you could check out:


Alright, thank you for the tip, I will check them out!

So few things I would use for building ResizeAlign for fixing the walls together (Has 2 uses) & Gap Fill By Stravant and F3X is a good option too and some of my builds I use meshes for some other shape builds if you need other shapes in my kit I added some shapes for some building stuff My building kit. Have fun building

.0001? for all builds? no. thats a recipe for gaps, clipping and uneven builds. I would recommend .1 for regular builds but for small detailed builds you can go a little lower depending on what your making.

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Ah! Sorry for replying so late but I don’t mean all builds. I just mean the builds that have very high detail! Sorry that I forgot to add that in my comment. (:

Yes and no because many times with such low movement numbers there are other problems such as high precision but very low sensitivity. I usually use ResizeAlign, Gapfill, and others plugins that can help me.

Resize Align is a great plug-in. Gap-fill also helps out a lot. There are a lot of other great plug-ins out there, just be careful not to get fake ones, they can infect your game with nasty stuff.

I suggest starting with Studio, Blender can be a bit overwhelming for even professional Roblox builders.

I don’t really know any, but any builder that can make a good looking model/ map is someone to watch!
I hope this helped, happy building! :grin:

I am not bashing F3X or anything, I think it is great in all, but not a good way to start building. I think using the regular studio tools is just as good if not better than using F3X. How I started, is I just started building. It is not like Minecraft where there are build tutorials because that is how endless the Roblox platform can be. I have been building for almost 5 years now, and I did not start with F3X, and I am doing just fine.

Youtube build tutorials are almost non-existent, and they aren’t the best to learn from. Now I am not saying use the tip videos where they explain the basics such as the tools, sizing, etc.

I started on finding something I wanted to build and I built it. Even though now I look back at it the build was terrible quality compared to my skill level now, it is still a start.

I would defiantly start with Roblox studio compared to blender because it is way less complex. Blender is a good thing to learn once you have the fundamentals and some building skills.

Hoped I help you and good luck on your building journey!

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Only way to learn something is by doing it. Go find something simple and go build it, like a shed or something

My tips for becoming a successful Roblox builder:

How to start

  • To start out, I suggest you watch some YouTube videos on learning the basics on how studio functions and behaves, as well as some useful building tips.
  • F3X is not needed but is a good way to build up your modeling experience.
  • Start out with modeling small structures, like furniture, houses, etc.
  • Get feedback from the community. Consider posting once a week on the #help-and-feedback topic to get tips and comments on your creations.

How to get revenue and progress

  • After you’ve earned some building experience (I recommend 1 year-ish), search for commissions and collaborations on the #collaboration topic.
  • You can also post a portfolio of yours in #collaboration:portfolios topic for others to check out your work and hire you for Robux.

Get the most out of building

Search for other Developers, join development groups, promote yourself and do pretty much whatever you want! And remember, there is nothing that you can’t create! You just need to keep tyring

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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I just use ROBLOX to make normal buildings/terrains. So go with making simple stuff (Mushrooms, Houses, Nest filled with crows and Package.)
Blender is used to make meshes, like weapons, guns, characters or so. It’s not building related, but making meshes lol.

If you’re going to make meshes, go for low poly, learn anatomy, and get slowly to high poly.

If you’re going to build, then go for F3X (I never used it, but tried a couple of times with commands from Adonis.) or use normal ROBLOX studio tools to work.