What is the "Dex Explorer"?

The first dark dex screenshot is a really horrible version, it doesn’t let you view scripts, edit values and it lags if the exploiter tries to search for something in a game full of big objects. Powerful dark dex are only meant to be used in KRNL, Syn and script-ware. What you should be focusing on instead is remote spy, it’s dark dex but with remote-spying, essentially its an all in one exploit tool.

It can read client scripts, depending on what executor your using.

coregui is level 3 or 4 I believe so anything with level 3 or 4 or higher can access the coregui such as plugins and the command bar which I think is level 5?

No, from what I know is:
Exploits: 7-8
Plug-Ins: 6
Command Bar: 4
(Fro these not sure)
Server: 2
Client: 1

So Plug-Ins are the only ones taht access Core GUI, but you cat really take anything from it, at least, from what I know

Please don’t spread misinformation and just lead him to the website next time.

Which website? What are you talking about?

if you’re talking about the run command bar which is in studio then I’m fairly sure it’s level 5 and can access coregui

No tu can’t, from what I know you aren’t able to access Core GUI from there, it’s level 4 from what I heard

then you’ve heard wrong go check yourself

Where do I check? What do I write in the Command Bar that will make Core GUI change?

you can just do


Yes but you can’t change the properties of Core GUI, I can do taht from a script also (I think)

you can’t change the properties of coregui anyway because when the game actually loads it resets to what it should be also you can’t do that from a normal script because coregui requires level 3

please fact check your statements before posting them here.

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Basically, it can read the localscripts code using bytecode. Mainly because that the client is required access to the script to run them since they are local.

You can’ t in any way, ChildAdded, DescendantAdded, GetChildren(), GetDescendants(), Removing etc…
Will give you a warning: “Client or Server cannot access the CoreGui”
You can’ t work it around with a game.DescendantAdded and check the parent name as it won’ t return anything.
Plugins can access CoreGui but I doubt that if you add anything it will stay there using a plugin.
If you wanna know anything that makes the CoreGui change legitimately:

That’s exactly what I said…

It’s possible to detect dex. It’s not worth your time though. Secure your server and you’ll be all good

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How do you detect it? He has the GUI in CoreGUI and so it’s undetectable

The detection that I currently have does not scan the core GUI