What is the "Dex Explorer"?

And how do you detect it then?
Enlighten us

Why would I give you the method? It relies on a vulnerability in the behavior of the script rather than the GUI

The new Dex Explorer is not placed in CoreGui anymore, I’ve heard. I tried executing it from Roblox Studio.

Obviously if you try executing from Studio it won’ t be in CoreGui since it won’ t work so it has an automatic fixer where it adds itself in PlayerGui.

Just because something is somewhere you can’t access doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to see if the game has been modified, believe it or not everything an exploit does is detectable by some means just like how every client-side anti-cheat can be bypassed.

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Yes but because the Client can make things and not replicate them to the Server they can basically get everything that tells the Server about their status and fake it, but as Laws of Phisycs teach us, nothing is perfect

then just simply detect them lol

Yes but they will always find a way of passing undetected

then detect the way that they bypass your previous detection, it’s very simple

But then they find another way of bypassing your check, I can go on all day

then detect the way that they bypass your previous detection, it’s very simple

Then they bypass that, it’s an infinite cycle

Until they give up yeah lol [char limit]

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All you need is better server checks. The people who ask for ways or make ways to detect inserted GUIs are people who don’t know how to program a backend properly.

That will never happen, you can’t stop Exploiters and Hackers and Crackers, the ones that really want to get in (there’s alleata one) will always find a way in