What is the maximum size for place thumbnails?

EDIT - I realized the quality of the example thumbnail is better on here than on the game page itself; the blurring might just be a site thing.

What are you attempting to achieve?
I want to make higher-quality thumbnails for my game. Currently, I use a 1000 x 560 canvas for all the thumbnails the game has right now. I have attached an example at the bottom of this thread.

What is the issue?
My current thumbnails appear a bit blurred and details can be hard to read. I want to make them more ‘crisp’ by doubling or tripling that size (2000 x 1120 or 3000 x 1680) but I’m worried it might be too big.

What solutions have you tried so far?
None, unfortunately.

Anything else?
I took a look at some of the top games like MeepCity, Jailbreak, and Work At A Pizza Place as examples of crisp thumbnails.

Example of a current thumbnail:

*This was not rendered through external software. It used the Future Is Bright lighting system that is still in prototypical stages.




Roblox supports .png and .jpg formats for thumbnail images, although .png is recommended. “It is also recommended to use images with a resolution of 1920x1080 so that it displays nicely across all platforms (Xbox, Mobile, Computer).”

I figured that you might ask about the Icon too so…



Your icon must be a square, with maximum dimensions of 512x512 pixels. Your icon will be shrunk down and used at different resolutions throughout the site. An example of this is the Games page, which will display your icon at 128x128 pixels. We recommend you save your icon at multiple sizes to see how it looks.


I believe if you’re wanting to get your game featured on Xbox, 1080x1080 is a requirement for the game’s icon.

At least, that’s what is stated here:


It is not for XBOX, at least not yet.

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