What is the real height of a stud?

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I am making a story game that has to do with space. I am making a rocket and as of right now it sits at a whopping 696.6 studs tall. I am trying to get roughly the height of the Saturn v rocket but my past measurements were that 1 stud = 1 foot. This would mean the rocket is double the height. But going off my estimates this would make the rocket extremely small. I need to figure out a rough estimate for how tall my rocket is. I want the player to have a realistic feel of the height of the rocket. If it’s too short then it will be noticeable but if it’s too tall then it will look weird. The below image shows the current height of the rocket and half of the current rocket height.

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“one real-world meter is 20 studs”

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Can people stop saying 1 meter = 20 studs? That blog post is almost 10 years old and Roblox has gone from toy-like (since a Roblox person would only be about 1/10 of a meter with those stats) to more realistic since then.

Besides, Roblox has provided us with information that with basic to intermediate math we can figure out.

“1 stud is 0.9184375754265092 feet”


Thank you so much! This is what I thought. If 20 studs would be = to a meter than the rocket would be so small. Thank you again!

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Based on a Roblox character’s foot being about 1 stud, one stud is ~8 inches probably.

1 stud is .28 meters, this is known because in the roblox studio game settings you can see how far/high a character can jump BOTH in studs and meters, .28m = ~.91 feet so this checks out

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