What is this weird black line around part of my ImageLabel?

I’m just trying to add my games logo to a GUI, but uh a black line is going around it.


I have tried checking the original file and re-uploading it, but it didnt work.

These black lines look horrific and ruin the look of the UI, and I don’t know what to do!


Are you sure this isnt because of the border. Try going to properties and making border pixel size to 0.

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BorderSizePixel is 0.

Is the image in an image label? And how did you upload the image?

Yes it is an image label. I uploaded the image via the creator dashboard.

Try going to the Image property in the image label and there should be a button that says add image. See if that makes any difference.

Also, if the problem continues, then try uploading a different image and see if you get the same issue.

Run your image through Pixelfix, then upload that image to Roblox.

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