What makes a game fun?

I’m pretty sure many developers struggle to keep plays in their game and having fun. I have the same exact problem. I really opinions from multiple people of what could make the game more fun. Also heads up the building style is meant to be blocky.

Game Link: Minimum Wage Job Experience - Roblox


You need to have a way for players to unlock new things in the game, I also noticed that the game is very confusing when you first join, consider adding a tutorial so players know how to play.

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There is a question mark button on the bottom left of your screen for help. But you can unlock things. Such as maxing out your apartment. At the mall you can buy furniture for your apartment.

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There are many things that keep a game fun, and you can simply learn them by playing other games or making games yourself. I’ve had experience with friends and I can tell you how a game is fun.

1. Objective

You see in many games, you have an objective, whether it’s to escape a flood Flood Escape 2 or to rob banks Jailbreak. Your game needs to have an interesting motive. Let’s observe a few games for a moment.

Murder Mystery has an average of 40k concurrent people and what makes the game fun is to either stay alive, kill, or find the killer. They also had coins that allowed the user to essentially customize their guns. Their unique idea was to switch things up and make it so that everyone could play.

Piggy is also a game that has a lot of concurrent players. What is the objective? To escape from the pig by using keys to unlock doors or kill being the pig. Again, it has various things like custom traps. It’s also a fun round based system like murder mystery 2

2. Side Things

The main objective is important, but without side things, no one would practically play your game. Side things include a shop, skins, side quests, etc. You can see that the one that I mentioned earlier, murder mystery 2 makes it so that you can customize your knife or gun. Not only are you running away from the killer as an innocent, but you collect coins!!

3. Target Audience

There’s a percentage of young, teenage, and old people playing roblox MOSTLY CHILDREN. Certain games target certain age groups. For example, roleplay games target mostly young children, while combat games target teenage and older people. If you look at brookhaven or adopt me, they have a good chunk of children and a mix up of teenagers and older people (such as youtubers)

I hope this was good, I didn’t read through it yet.


Thank you so much for the tips. This will really help me. I do have shops for players to use such as buying weapons, buying furniture for their apartment and etc. I am just having trouble what could really make the game engaging.

I can help with that! How do you play the game and what’s the objective?

The game is more of a fun fooling around game where you can fight but also work jobs around the map. You can buy furniture to upgrade your apartment. The game is really similar to be dead forever simulator. But you’re not dead forever its just a similar style a bit. But the game does have a storyline attached with it. But the game is mostly similar to be dead for ever simulator and rememed meme game.

I can already tell by reading that your game will be entertaining for children and teenagers. You have “side things” which is even better. You even have a storyline, which can increases concurrent players (or players that come back sooner or later) I’m testing your game out right now and the style is excellent. You could increase the map’s size, add more side things, or fix constantly occuring bugs. Other than that this game will be fun! Might play it soon :wink:

Something unrelated if you want to make it popular and test if it’s fun or not!

Also, don’t forget. In order to gain attraction you would need a good title, good thumbnail, good icon, and good description. Most of it is already done.

Yes, many people have not played the game because of one character on the thumbnail and it looks like a hated youtuber/tiktoker. And they don’t play. So my friend which drew it decided to change it.

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Yes thank you, I have gotten a streamer with 90k+ subscribers to stream it twice and he enjoys the game. The game does have problems with bug. And I am not a huge scripter but I understand a bit more then the basics. The game is going to be increasing more these next few days. Since I got the virus and have nothing else to do.

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Now this is an interesting post!
Lets start with the basics.

scenario 1
Humans like interaction and effect, without this you’re game is going nowhere, you click a button something doesn’t happen, your player isn’t impressed and leaves.

scenario 2
Your player has joined and found a button, they click and a part is spawned, they do this again and easily lose interest and leave.

From here its easy to understand one basic factor, people don’t enjoy repetition, so you can outline any parts of your game that feel repetitive, however people don’t enjoy little to no impact, so you’re going to need some interaction, without being (once again) repetitive, and this is what is called RNG, giving a player a chance but not a guarantee, make things random, something to hope for, something that not everyone may get, make your player feel like they’re lucky.

Lets say you’re playing one of those pet simulator clones, and you see a player behind a locked wall that you can’t pass, and the required score to pass is 100k, but oh no, you’ve only got 99k, why don’t we just stay alittle longer just to get to that area and prove we’re as good, if not better than the player ahead!

From here its clear, people like to be in front, people like to know they’re at the top, and will fight for this position, add something your players can work up to, something they can fight over and ofc, have conflict over, something that makes them think “I can do better than them” because this means they’ll stay longer, which means more people join and the cycle continues.

To end it off lets go over something everyone understands.

Everyone knows them, everyone wants them, from skins to badges, there’s a market, getting bored of the RNG? bested everyone below you? well now would be a great time to leave and find another game, buuuuut you’re so close to getting that super rare badge, or that shiny new skin, why not just push alittle further and unlock it, maybe the next one after, and after that.

I don’t think I need to explain why this is good for gameplay and how much a player enjoys your game, because its something we’ve all experienced while having fun, you’ve done everything there is to do, and you’re feeling alittle bored, but soon you’ll have that new unlockable and BOOM, you’re suddenly hit with that rush of dopamine and you’re right back to having some fun.

Hope this helped, and congrats you honestly took the time to read all this, ha ha.
also, alot of my inspo was from this video, go check it out if you’d like a much further and in-depth version of pretty much everything I just wrote.


The interests of a player in the game

I’d recommend adding more things to do other than picking trash and cleaning windows. You can also make it so cleaning windows earns more than cleaning trash off the ground, other than it just being $10 for both of them.

You can work in a office, and be a restocker.

And the Supreme Worker Gamepass gives more cash.

Thank you so much. This information can help a whole lot.

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I’d make the way you get money more fun. Pressing F a bunch of times to get the flamethrower isn’t very exciting. If you do that then you might be on to something.