What makes a good cart ride game?

I made this cart ride game (8) Cart Ride Into Floppa! - Roblox , and I was wondering if anyone knew a trick or something to help me make it get on the good side of the roblox algorithm. I’ve seen a lot of cart ride games do INSANE, even though they are a actually bad cart ride game such as Cart Ride In Poppy Playtime or Cart Ride Into Talking ben. Why is it that some cart ride games get put up in recommended or high on the search tab and others don’t? Is it play time, robux revenue? Thanks! - BMWLux

Yeah, kids nowadays will play anything

Anyway, the trick is to keep up with trends, like, ben was popular, so they made a cart ride about it
The problem is that you constantly have to update the game to keep up with fads

Btw, this could be in the wrong category #development-discussion? Or something

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I 100% agree. I think its the right category because I’m getting feedback on my game lol. Yeah I mean I created a cart ride template where all I have to do is put in the model so yeah. Not sure what the current fad it XD

Oh right, the feedback, my bad
I thought you were asking how to make a game popular :laughing:

I spawned in the winners when I didnt even finish
I was BowBow

I think both things are factored in to some degree, but nobody really knows how the algorithm works exactly. The game title and description play a part too.

I can tell you from my experience making a horror game that climbed to the top of the “horror” search term that it started making its way up there after we started running lots of ads and the game sustained a high concurrent playercount for several days.

I assume you’d have to try something similar but for “cart ride”. Make sure the search term you wanna show up for appears in the game’s title and description, and hope for the best.

Thanks man yeah! We are going to make about 50 cart ride games then advertise the group about 20k robux and see how it goes. :pray:

Staying in trend though I think will be hard. I found one category that surprisingly no one has made a cart ride on, and the one game about it has like 100 players but yet no cart ride. So I think that might be the spark to something. Not sure though.

Well the thing is, if you did cart ride (old trendy genre) + floppa (new popular aspect)
You have a lot of competitors
And since you might not willing to spend a few dozens of hours to make it a high quality game, just spam tags and mass advertise (dozens of thousands every day)

Well the thing is, I spent about 40 hours making a actually good cart ride template. So like I can pump out high quality cart ride games kinda fast. About to release a new one lol

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Popular characters
good color scheme
Sturdy carts
and the hope that the algorithm picks up ur game

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Mhm yeah for sure. I think it’s about 30 % skill 70 % luck and 100 % having enough robux to burn on ads lol

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