What package should I use to connect a discord bot to the roblox website?

Hi, I am Mario and I am making a discord bot that will be able to verify a person using the Roblox website and their user. I can’t find any packages here or on google that will help me do that. Do you think you can recommend me some packages or some code that may help me?


I wrote something like this a while ago, but most of it required backend work. Here’s how it was done on my side however.

  • I wrote a page in PHP which took a GET request and stored data in a database. Specifically their username and generated token for verification.

  • The game would send a GET request to the page which would then send data to the bot and verify the user in the server while changing their nickname to their Roblox username.

Doing this using 3 different languages isn’t the greatest choice, you should do it using node.js specifically and use the same concept.

I’ll look into Roblox’s Terms of Service and Guidelines more to ensure I’m not breaking the rules and release a development repository containing code to how I achieved this since I no longer use it anymore and it could come in handy for those using it as a learning resource.

Forgot to add this part in here, using the website in specific would likely violate the Terms of Service and cause potential security risks. This should only be done from a game or their profile bio.

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Though isn’t there a package I could install that would make things a bit easier for me? I have seen one but they said they stopped making it.

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Roblox Verification Bot - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

Yes I meant their profile, sorry.

So there is a single “con” about that release that struck my attention right at first glance and it’s likely been discontinued due to broken code (whether it was the website or games in which broke it). But here is why it’s not the greatest idea.

  • Anyone wanting to use the development code for multiple games cannot if they have multiple servers due to the bot only supporting single servers.

But there’s only two ways I could see doing this properly, either there’s a game you make that has a user insert a token received from the discord bot through a gui or a user inserts the token into their profile (potentially risks it being tagged and, not the greatest idea) and the bot verifies through their profile.

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Hey, that’s me!

The project was discontinued due to Glitch preventing people from hosting apps 24/7 for free on their platform. The code should still work, and you should be able to remix the project or download it and edit it however you want.

As for packages, there isn’t any that I know of. I just send direct requests to API endpoints Roblox has. This can be seen in utils.lua.

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use repl.it, its free and probably better

this is the website

Using repl.it would make your source code public, and I believe also your Discord bot token. Not good.

No people can make their discord bot token private by using a .env file

If the only purpose of your bot is to verify users, there would be no need for a wrapper.

If I assume you are using javascript with node.js, you can check out node-fetch to send requests to the Roblox API without a cookie.

To host the bot, you can use Heroku: it’s free and simple to use.

Ok Heroku isn’t really free, I had to subscribe for hobby dynos to host properly.

Not completely free, but it’s possible to have 24/7 hosting with it without paying anything. I believe they let you host for 900 hours every month if you link a card.

I’d rather use

it is free and easy to

I heard they introduced an Always On feature, so it might be good to use. It’s all up to you, goodluck!