What patched corner clipping?

I’m trying to make a script to readd corner clipping into my game, but I first need to find out what patched it to even attempt fixing it.

Does anyone know?

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Some dude made a script to patch corner clipping.Corner Clip Fix - A simple script that completely fixes corner clipping

Roblox patched it themselves in the latest update. This code written by a community member (most likely) won’t function the same as the fix Roblox implemented.

I heard games like JToH have re-added corner clipping, but I have no idea how they did it.


They prob wrote a script to bring back corner clip. I just don’t know what’s teh script

Can somebody explain to me what corner clipping is? I’m not an obby player. Why is it helpful in obbys? Why is it not desirable in general(why was it fixed).

It’s a glitch which allows you to go through walls which has corners. Or atleast “teleport”

Why would this be desirable in a game? Why would an obby maker design a stage where this glitch is the only way you can pass it? Seems like a bad idea that came back to haunt.

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Nostalgia mostly. The glitch is pretty old and adding it to these “difficulty chart obbies” is just a way to measure how good you were at the glitch. It wasn’t that hard to do, but the further you got into the stages the more correct glitches with harder obstacles you’d have to do.

Because it’s “a mechanic” and most newbies won’t pass it.

Yeah well, I wouldn’t expect many ppl could pass it if its not even supposed to be possible. Good riddance I say.

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Corner clipping is a hitbox error that roblox made while making the game. The way it works (i think) is that the hitbox travels through the wall is a way to convince the hitboxes that you’re inside that wall. Then normally the wall pushes you back out somewhere because it’s a solid object. Or smth like that. Works basically the same way as laugh clipping and dance clipping. Which Idk if those are patched along with this glitch

JToH didn’t add back corner clipping, they added a new flip mechanic that lets you flip around to the other side of the wall to replace corner clipping.

Makes more sense that way, I just heard it from someone.

Hey, I just created a script that re-enables corner clipping.
You can check it if you want :wink: