What Plug-Ins do you recommend for making a game?

What Plug-Ins do you recommend for making a game?

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F3X - Building Tools by F3X (Plugin) - Roblox

Celestial Body Dragger - Celestial Body Dragger - Roblox

Archimedes - Archimedes (v3.1.9) - Roblox

3D Text 2 - ThreeDText 2 - Roblox

Tri-Tool [Nodal] - Triangle-Tool [Node Editor] //INSPARE - Roblox


Any for like Making Maps? I am making a game and i need to make a map

well Archimedes can be used to make circles and it is more used for turning or orienting parts in a mroe precise way, F3X is the one that is used to rotate, move, scale in specific amount, like move only 5 studs etc… and 3d Text well, it is 3d text.

Tri tool nodal can be used to make low poly maps.

There are already discussed threads that leaves the majority of recommended plugins that developers use on a basis, consider to experiment with different selection and choose the ones to your own liking: Refer

Try to install a handful of plugins that work for getting things done faster, try using the ones that are needed, you don’t need a bunch of random plugins that you don’t use find ones that are needed in your case for building. Studio Build Suite is a similar plugin like F3X it’ just a more advanced tool with a variety of features that comes with it.

Archimedes is really strong, and has more uses than you think! You can customize the angles and you can select multiple parts at once to edit. It is very useful.

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