What should I add to my realistic Juice Bar?

Well, I’m kinda having my mind shut on not having any clue with what to do in this Tropical Juice Bar interior…

This was a build I bought, however, I fixed it up a lot and made sure there are no free models(besides the cash register) and it should be clean.

Any suggestions on what to add?

(In the carpet area I am adding a sofa and chairs…

Also, feel free to tell me how it is currently!


Maybe add an outdoor patio area with. Interior it seems full enough if you add the sofas and chairs. Maybe a fireplace?


I recommend to use shadow map and to low a bit the lights of the lamps so the lighting its a bit more realistic and nice.


I think he should use future is bright phase 3:

rather than shadow map. Also don’t forget sun rays.


Oh right, when it gets added the lighting should look better…

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I don’t see any shadows, and it’s kinda bright. Maybe try turning on Future/Shadow Map lighting and possibly tweaking the lighting properties.

Also, everything just looks like a color bomb. There’s green and orange on the ceiling, the gradients aren’t pleasing, it’s just like all over the place. I think you should focus on calmer colors and to make things less “colorful”


To be completely honest, before adding anything else into the Juice Bar I’d suggest cleaning some things up. Now it is hard to see the true potential of this place from that angle and screenshot quality. I see a lot of unnecessary parts that really are making it look clustered and will cause a higher part count which can lead to lag for lower quality laptops and computers.

The lighting is very low-poly style and should have more dynamic shadowing as the others have suggested already. The color scheme is very mixed up and can be unappealing to the eye, it should be aesthetically pleasing. The flooring textures seem completely out of place, they pop way more than they should and have a very low-end quality to them.

This is some constructive criticism from one builder to another, I’ve worked in a lot of R.P. based groups, and let me tell you, over time I’ve heard those same tips. Just keep up the work and you’ll master the minuet details such as that.


Hey! I love the suggestions!
I changed the lighting, and removed many many parts and made the flooring much cleaner.


Much sleeker! Now I believe you can start adding more more aspects to liven up the atmosphere of the main area.


Hi! May I ask who you bought that from? I want to start a Juice Bar but I want to buy a build!

It’s too bright. Maybe you should tone them down?