What sponsorship CTR would you aim for?

I’ve been getting around a 0.05% CTR from sponsorships.

I would aim for the highest CTR. You should be more descriptive.

Personally I would aim for 100% CTR but that’s not possible, 0.05% CTR is quite low the average is about 0.3-0.4%. How much did you sponsor it for?
You should probably take a little pause from sponsoring though.


Yikes. I used to sponsor around 500 robux, but recently I’ve only been sponsoring 30 robux.

Below .3 : Bad
.3 to .8 : Normal
.8 to 2 : Good
2 to 4: Amazing
Above 4: Basically impossible

That’s my opinion based on what I’ve seen, but others may have their own thoughts on this.

a 0.3% - 0.9% CTR is good i’d say. 1%-3% is an amazing CTR.

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0.001% CTR: A nightmare
0.01% CTR: Disappointing
0.1 to 0.4% CTR: Normal
0.5% to 1% CTR: Pretty good
2% to 5% CTR: Really amazing
5% to 25% CTR: An impossible dream

That’s just my opinion that i have taken the reply idea’s inspiration from ernakou’s reply


I agree with Frepzter. But it also depends on how good your advertisement is or how good the game/clothing is.

Also, Try To Be More Descriptive.

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I wasn’t really sure what more I could include, I honestly was just curious about what a good CTR would look like. I’ve been getting what I thought was a pretty bad CTR on my game, so I wanted to know what a good CTR would look like before I spend a lot of money on a new logo. :woman_shrugging:

Yeah just try to get 1% at least

EDIT: Also dont use advertisements just use sponsors.

For my good ads I usually get 1-2% CTR.

Here’s a good scale that I use for advertisements:

0.001%-0.01% CTR - Very Disappointing (Get a new ad)

0.02% - 0.1% CTR - Disappointing (Get a new ad)

0.2% - 1% CTR - Bad, but decent… improve your ad

1.1% - 4% CTR - Good, your ad is getting somewhere :slight_smile: (Run it a few more times, but it’ll eventually not get as much CTR)

4%+ CTR - Who is your ad designer?!?!!?!?! (Extremely good)

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

CTR’s are a good way for comparing sponsorship effectiveness, however I think it’s important to recognize their limits. A maximum CTR of 100% is of course great, so I’m guessing you’re asking what the minimum “okay” CTR is. In reality the minimum CTR isn’t actually related to your sponsorship click rates at all, but how it impacts the product.

Like every other business expense, in order to make a profit your expenses need to be less than your income. So the question becomes, “Am I getting my robux back from this sponsorship”, rather than “are enough people clicking it”.

If you put up an sponsorship for 2.5k robux for say a paid access game, 350k people see it, but only 2k people click, you end up with a CTR of 0.005% - something this thread would lead you to believe is not good. And in a sense they’re right - you could probably do better. However that’s always the case - you could always get a higher CTR up until you reach 100% which frankly ain’t gonna happen. The CTR isn’t what’s important - let’s look at what is.

Say of the 2k people who click it, they go into your game and on average spend 2 robux - this is not unheard of, the average revenue per user (ARPU) is on average over 1.91 for the top 100 played games on Roblox.

That means that from those 2k users, you made 4k robux. Since you only spent 2.5k robux, and earned 4k you’ve essentially profited 1.5K robux through just pressing the sponsorship button. That’s a pretty good deal - imagine if there was a button you could press once a day and get $5.25 from it - wouldn’t you press it everyday?

So that’s why CTRs alone don’t matter, and really you should be tracking how it impacts your earning to verify you’re making the best investment.

Hope this helps!