Sponsoring is currently extremely worthless


This issue has been resolved. If you’re still having issues with sponsors. This isnt the thread for you.

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With recent changes to the order of sorts on the Games Page, sponsoring a game is currently worthless to a majority of people wishing to get their game discovered. Roblox recently made the Games Page sort order change to Most Engaging, Recommended For You, Up-And-Comming, Halloween, and finally Popular. I assume this change was made to help game discovery, but it in-fact hinders discovery greatly.

The major problem with this is, sponsor games DO NOT show up on the first FOUR sorts. This means most players will have to scroll down a lot, THEN press the next button on the Popular sort to see sponsored games.

I noticed this was a problem about a week ago but I expected that it was just Roblox gathering stats to see what changing the order would do. However Roblox just added the Halloween sort (Which is great) but because of this, it pushed the Popular sort down more meaning sponsored games are less likely to be noticed.

Here are some stats to compare before this change and after:

Before, my game averaged around a CTR of .20% to .50% depending on the platform and how often I sponsored before.

After, my game is lucky to even get .05% CTR. For 7k robux I spent for today, I get a total of… drum roll3 players. Yup, that’s right!, 7k Robux (25$ DevEx Rates) for 3 entire players.

(I did a few sponsors, this was just my 5k daily one. I also did 2k in other sponsors)

This change is currently affecting me greatly, I’ve saved up for the past month to sponsor my newest game when it’s ready. I’ve saved nearly 200k which is a lot of money for most smaller developers like myself. I planned to use my saved up robux to sponsor my game to get it discovered.

With this change, the only way to get a game discovered now is by either Twitter or getting it added to a sort which is impossible to do because you need a minimum of 100 players. I’d have to spend 231k a day to get 100 players…

What I think can be done to solve this:
There are two options I can think of. If Roblox wants to keep the sorts in this order, all they have to do is add sponsors to the Most Engaging sort or at least the Recommended For You sort. Alternately, Roblox could simply just switch the sort order to what it was before just with the Halloween sort added.

If anyone has any input about if this affected you or didn’t affect you, I’d love to hear it.


Didn’t realise this was the case.

Ridiculous that sponsors don’t appear unless you scroll down - making their value for money extremely low. There is no reason that the sponsors shouldn’t show in these fields. I’ll stick to actual ads for now then - thank you for pointing this out!


Thanks for making this post, I’ve been meaning to create a report on this for a while.

EDIT: This issue has been resolved. My original post is below. It does not reflect up to date stats about the sponsors page.

Sponsoring hasn’t been very effective even before this update. Why? No sponsored games occur within the first page of sorts. Any player, on any platform, will not see a single sponsored ad scrolling down the games page, until they scroll right. Here are some stats:

Immediately Visible Sponsors Across Platforms (No Scrolling)
Desktop (first eight games): 0
Tablet (first six games): 0
Phone (first four games): 0
Grand Total: 0 sponsors

Immediately Visible Sponsors Across Platforms (Whole Page)
Desktop (first eight games): 0
Tablet (first six games): 0
Phone (first four games): 0
Grand Total: 0 sponsors

Sponsor Visibility on Games Page
Sorts that show sponsors: 4
Sorts with no sponsors: 16

As a side note, those 16 without sponsors include the precious genre sorts. Until Roblox adds genre-based adverts, there will be no way to directly market your game to people who are interested in it.

That’s not even the case (I wish it was). Players can scroll down as much as they want and still never see a sponsored game.


I’ve heard an idea floated around a few times that there could be a sort on the games page that just has sponsored games repeated over and over. Can’t find any threads on it, but I have heard it here before. What do you think about that?



0.03% for Phone sponsors

Its not even worth putting money into this anymore.
238 clicks after 800,000+ impressions.



R$:Impression rate has dropped 50%~ compared to a few months back, so we are definitely getting less bang for our buck


I recently sponsored a game with 2k and got 0.06% to 0.1% CTR. I was really worried that the game Icon and title were just bad. I didn’t realise sponsored games dont show up as much anymore!
Thanks for sharing!


It’s been quite a while with no update on this. Roblox is practically just scamming its own developers at this point. Is there anyway to get this problem resolved? Is it possible to contact someone?


I would love to see sponsored games on all of the current sorts. Sponsors being significantly more obscure is making it harder for developers to advertise their games on all devices!


I think its fair to say that Roblox has completly RUINED sponsoring. It seems that with the month changing to November, sponsors dont work AT ALL. NO IMPRESSIONS…

Please warn other developers about this problem. Hopefully Roblox will reward refunds because of this.


There has been an update on the 0 impresions bug. Hopefully Roblox will be able to also submit a ticket for this problem too.


I’ve updated the thread to move it to ‘Website Bugs’ as many people suggested I should do. It’s now been over a month with this problem and its a big problem for the game that I just released because I have to use advertisements instead of sponsors.


I’ve also noticed on my games page, the only sponsored ad that shows is a game that’s under review. Could this be linked? :thinking:


:cold_sweat: I recently sponsored my new game and I believe this bug has greatly affected it’s success.


Current update: They just changed it once again to make this even worse by adding the ‘featured’ category to the top of the page making it FOUR sorts to start to see sponsors again. This leads me to believe that Roblox is aware of this issue at this point but they refuse to address it and resolve it.


At this point its a scam even tho roblox players play the same game if there could be away to fix it is have atleast 15 sponsered ads on the front page each time

Happy Cake day :cake:


I don’t think many people would click on it, to be honest.


Just tested it. Had to go to THE FIFTH ONE AND STILL SCROLL to see an sponsor.


How do you get the menu like that on the second screen?


This is really bad roblox needs to step there game up this is why a lot of people don’t sponsor their game they just use ads but what a lot of small devs don’t know is that its all about marketing and how you market your game, you spent 5k daily for 4 days what you could have done is spend 1.5k for 10 days yes I know its less money but the sponsor stays for longer also you shouldn’t even use sponsors in the first place almost all devs say “stay away from sponsoring it doesnt give you the best outcome, instead if you really need to get your game out there just use ads or contact some influencers”. Also its the way you spend your robux you could save 200k but if you spend it all on something that barely works then it wont bring you a long way. Roblox isn’t your only option you can use things like twitter, youtube, instagram etc to get your game out there like you said so yes sponsoring is pretty useless so instead find another way to get your game out there and I promise you one of the ways will work always stay positive and keep working hard.


At the moment sponsored games only show up in 4 sorts, can this be fixed? We literally can’t use sponsored games at the moment, and Roblox just seems to turn a blind eye to this because nobody’s being transparent or coming forward about what’s going on. This is both highly unprofessional and irresponsible on a corporate and individual level.

I assume the people are working on it behind the scenes and don’t want to disclose too much, but at least be a bit more transparent about investigating this issue.