What type of games do players want?

Hey everyone, I just want to collect a current survey on what type of games players would like in demand, or genre to know what projects all of us developers can focus on next and widen the genre if possible.

  • Simulator
  • RolePlay
  • PVP
  • Automobile
  • Other

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If you chose others, please reply to what you think would be a good genre to introduce to Roblox or something I missed. And besides that, any type of genre you guys think that could be implemented into Roblox!

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There are a lack of good Adventure games with a great storyline :frowning: I would honestly love to see games with storylines as opposed to repetitive games that dominate the front page


True, to be honest, I wonder who started that story/adventure game trend.

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All types of games are being created on Roblox. I’d just look to the top games to see what is in high demand. That is not to say that other niches can’t be filled though.

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You say “Players” like all persons enjoy playing the same genre, one video game will never be appealing to everyone, just select a genre you enjoy and create a game that you would play.


I’m going to have to agree with @RemoDunks’s post however I’d also like to add that feedback from the DevForum on this matter is almost practically useless as most of us are the ones looking for that information The poll doesn’t take into account the actual players and doesn’t regard people below the age of 13 (which in my opinion is the largest selection of people on the Roblox platform).

These days what Players want is an Among us Game in Roblox. Like everyone want’s that

Recategorising this to Game Design Support. Read this if you want to know why:


Aight my bad, thank you for recatergorising.

The Camping-like story games are inspired by Camping, if you were talking about a different type let me know, I haven’t seen many in a while.

Camping games were milked, Now i think people got tired of them.

I agree, I wasn’t giving a suggestion I was replying to one of their posts.