What type game would you like to see on Roblox?

That’s a really good question, I like seeing fun minigames on Roblox, like Deathrun there is way to many simulators on roblox, and it would interesting to see more minigames.

I would love a sandbox, with a building system similar to Bloxburg, but unlimited money. That would be delightful!

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I’d like to see a game where you make choices that effect the game’s plot and story with multiple different endings, (technically I just want a more complicated camping game.)


a disc golf game!
i would totally play it

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I really want to see a meme game, I want to see the no-wifi dinosaur run. Pretty much, your roblox avatar would the dinosaur and you make the game like the real game. I would spend hours playing that game. If someone manages to make a cool math website, I want to see the no-wifi dinosaur game. :joy:

I feel like roblox lacks more sandbox open world games. I have a few ideas I’m playing with to I hopefully contribute to this.


Dota 2 is the best game ever but i feel miserable everytime i playing it win or lose. Lol. MOBA will be great for Roblox.

A game like the Oasis from Ready Player One.

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Just asking, do you mind if I take your idea and make it?

im calling it. MORE SCI FI GAMES!. i really like sci fi games and there aren’t really any. its hard to find any on the front page and since the sort from genre feature was removed from the front page. its hard to find ANY of these things.

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Moving this to Game Design Support. Ideally it would fit as a Development Discussion thread but we’ve had way too many of the exact same thread being posted to this category that phrasing it in a generalised fashion no longer makes for useful discussion about potential uncapitalised niches on Roblox. Concept building should happen in GDS.

A more valuable discussion to be having in the way of brainstorming suggestions and concepts for a game you want to pursue the development of should be based on your interests. No matter how high the reward is, you are probably not going to pursue something that you lack interest in or something that you wouldn’t play yourself, so it’s important to tailor these suggestions based on your tastes and assess whether they have a market in Roblox or not - and if you can create that market.

Hearing our ideas is great and all, but making a game based on what we want to see isn’t helpful to you. You should develop a game based on what you want to see. If that game happens to be something that’s already done and overdone, so be it, no one should stop you from pursuing that dream. Even if you don’t reap fame and success, you got learning experience to carry on with. What we can do is help you generate some ideas based on your interests.


you also just gave me an idea, thanks

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So… If I made the no wifi dino game u would play it?


These are the best games ever in my opinion, and The Conquerors 3 is the only game on Roblox that gives me the satisfaction of an RTS.

I’m creating one right now, but I still think that there should be more.

More actual Story games, not like: OMGGG YOU LOST NOW PAY 30 ROBUX TO REVIVE, like a game thats well made not a cash grab.


Yes, I would play the game. That gave saved me from boredom when I had no wifi. :slightly_smiling_face:

you could make it urself u know
just go to templates and walla

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Sure, I don’t mind, anyone can take it

Don’t worry I am working on one right now.
Thank you all so much for your replies. But I think I have more motivation now to continue.
Thank you to the @colbert2677 for not taking this down and letting me know how to further improve and giving great advice.

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I hope this isn’t too of topic but-
Could you pls describe what the player one event looked like, i’m new around here and I missed that event. :frowning:
I am just a little curious. :slight_smile:

I also might make it if Nullvoid isn’t although i cant script yet :frowning: