What we announced at RDC 2023

not only does the games have subscription ugc creators are stuck with it too which falls into public ugc which they stated if you as a ugc creator has premuim if it runs out then your items will get tooken off sale till you re get premiuim again then you have to reput all items back on sale

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How should Playstation compatability work for Developers?

Will there be a whole new set of Enums for playstation? or will the playstation just work as an xbox emulator? (like playstationX = buttonA, playstationCircle = buttonB, playstationTriangle = buttonY, playstationSquare = ButtonX)

if so, will things that require Keycodes, like ProximityPrompts have 2 sections of GamepadKeyCodes? Like XBoxKeyCode & PlayStationKeyCode? I have alot of questions about the playstation compatability, even though i’ve never touched one im my whole life lol

it would be cool if you guys made it so it live-updates so i dont need to press “import” button like a milion times over and over

from what i understand it should be mapped like xbox controllers or at least really similar

If the Banning API only bans the user by account, then I see no reason to use it as it would take more effort to migrate your code. I would hope it either HWID or IP bans the user.

Great question! We added a clarification in the original post as well – but proceeds from sales of Creator Marketplace assets in Studio or Creator Hub will no longer be subject to DevEx fees. Only sales tax & payment processor fees will be deducted.


Hi, thanks for this! Does this still have the 30% marketplace fee and just no longer devEx fees, or have I got the wrong idea?

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No 30% Marketplace Fee either! Just deductions for payment processor fees and sales tax.


That is amazing! Thank you for the clarification!

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its already plummet as a whole trading is dying fast and what caused that was the ugc limiteds and now with the quanity roll out. where you are forced to pay cash to restock a a item after you have alrady paid 750 robux plus the price inflation jump in which players will now have to pay 2x more just for the item they really want yet on the other hand its not like the fine line can be found. but as a whole what im trying to get at is that alot of ugc creators uses this as there main income but alot have already said if the update comes out then they quit becuse not only can they not afford it but alot of those people work under groups in which they get paid for making concepts and modeling them alot have said that even small creators may not continue to make ugcs in the future and that there are similar other platforms.