What will be happening with the "Regular" rank?

I recently discovered that the Post Approval rank was completely removed today and I have a question regarding to this new change. I am not sure if they are removing the Post Approval rank entirely or if they are making a new rank similar to the Post Approval rank.

What will be happening with the Regular rank? Will there be any changes to the requirements of becoming a regular or will it be vanished? I tried to checking the post on how to level up on the roblox Developer Forum but that didn’t help with my question. I am not sure if it’s just this post not being recently updated either, so I am just left with the old requirments (at least I think I am)

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It doesn’t look like DevRel has implemented the replacement for post approval yet. It is expected to come soon, as mentioned here:

After Sep 01 it will no longer be possible to file new feature requests and bug reports as a TL1 (Member) user via the post approval workflow, until DevRel implements a new flow for handling feature requests and bug reports. This has been clearly discussed with DevRel, and we expect that they will have this done before September. If not, you should direct any feedback about not being able to file these kinds of topics to the DevRel team, since we won’t be able to handle them anymore.

Once the replacement is implemented they should update it


Interesting. So as of now, we aren’t able to rank up on the developer forum?

Only for a bit, but once the replacement is added there will be a way for tl1 users to rank up


Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: