What will be the prices of making a game?

Hello there!
I am making a game like Zooba.
(If you are on phone you can play it to see how everything works)
I want to know the prices of each Person:
•UI Designers
But I don’t know what prices shall I say
[I don’t want to overpay or pay less than it has to]
The prices shall be high due to the difficulty of the game…

Thanks for the help!
||If you are an investor that could invest, PM me here in devforum|| {[idk how to hide this)}


Hello there,

I don’t play on the phone but I can estimate the prices!

Builders = 10K/15K
Scripters = 15K/20K
UI Designers = 10K
Modelers = 8K
Animators = 20K

I’m guessing it’s something like that.

I hope you’ll make some progress with this.


Sys. (Aka. Tim)


8k for MODELERS but 20k FOR ANIMATORS??? That’s wrong lol modeling takes more work than animations, so modeling is worth more than animations lol…

Animators ask a lot of robux very often. I sometimes hear from friends that most 15K robux to 20K robux ask!


I think there shall be 20k for each, Animator is very hard since every Monster(animal) has a very difficult animation, and every time they move, everything they does, every time they die, each Animal has one animation.


Programmers should always get the most, along side with Builders.

Animators shouldn’t get 20k for sure. That’s just too much.

Builders, Scripters - 1st Most
UI Designers - 2nd Most
Animators, GFX - 3rd Most

This is how it should be I think.

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Yeah, that’s right. It isn’t easy to animate! And R15 is the hardest.


Well you would have to split the profit evenly depending on the quality and how much work each developer is doing. (EG: you hire a scripter is doing a lot of work and working really hard, but you hire a builder that is a bit lazy and there builds aren’t the best who would you be more likely to pay more for there quality of work?) So basically the estimate prices for me would be:

Builders = 10k-20k
Scripters = 20k-25k
UI Designers = 5-10k
Modelers = 5k
Animators = 15k

In my opinion I think scripters would go through a lot more trouble than builders when creating a game from my experience.

So, of a 100k-200k budget, What will be the final price of each Role?

Welp it’s your decision not mine go ahead and spend 20k robux for an animator :+1:

I think not because Animators for R15 Games get a lot of Time. And you can make a animated Statue that’s is easy. But as example do we use Bloxburg. That are so many animations, and take a lot of time…

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Programmer - 50k
Builder - 30k
UIs - 12k
Animations - 8k

Really depends on how much you need from each position.

Aniamtion is 15K… 8K not, It’s also different per game and how many animations!

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Holy 50k for a programmer… Thought 20k was enough jeez…

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I was thinking like this:
Programmers: 45k.
Builders: 25k.
UI Designing: 20k.
Animations: 20k.


I think btw that builder max 25k, 30k is to many!

UI Design can you get to for 10K or 15K.

Take in mind the game is VERY DIFFICULT to make and I will need professional people, the prices must be Very high.

That would work too.

No, Programming is hard. :slight_smile:

That’s what I said. Depends on how much work you need from them.

Wait for your game will there jobs be part time or just a one time thing for some of the roles?