What would happen if you didn’t have free models?

What would people do if there wasn’t free models? Do you think free models should be a thing to others because you don’t see free models in games really so are they useful?

Would you be able to make a game without free models? Because I think you usually have custom models correct?

So? What do you think?


Thanks for the feedback everybody!



I never use free models. I have non of my games have a single Free Model. I just like making everything myself so that I can say it’s my game and not someone else’s (due to the free models). There are also people who hide viruses in free models which ruin your game. I highly recommend people to not use them. The only exception when to use them is for ideas so basically you place them check the, out and delete them and build your own thing.

I hope this gave you a clear idea of my point of view on that.

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I have seen people put viruses in models before, well it was a friend, he said he did it on purpose even though he owned it.

Well thank you for the warning, I will take it into consideration next time.

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It’s toxic people who want to ruin someone’s life… hard work going into nothing… I had people add viruses to my games coz my friend who helped me in team create used a free model.

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I’m long past the point of needing free models for practice or referencing (I use other referencing options that are significantly better) - but I’ve never used them for a game without heavy alterations back like ten years ago when I was just starting out.

They’re a great tool to learn from when you’re just starting out, but otherwise I steer clear of them in favour for my own assets.


Was it a trusted friend, Roblox still has this problem about the whole friends thing, but let’s not get off topic and focus on the models.


No no the friend had no idea that there was a virus in the Model… he just liked checking out FMs and it happened accidentally… but yeah I hate free models.


It is a good idea to steer clear, but as you said, it can be a start for a starter project like maybe one but as you said, stay clear


Well, would you say you should either
A. Just get a professional to do your models
B. Learn and do it yourself…

Because you know your just not going to use free models unless you playing around, correct?


I never find free models useful as most of them never fit onto my game design. I always create models by myself for flexing reason and other.


Yes and no.Free-models should be used to an extent. People taking credit for anyone’s work is unexceptable, and shouldn’t be tolorated on the platform, which is kinda prominet on roblox. However, they are a good start,


I like to say that my games are “No-Toolbox games”, when I was a begginer, I used free models for everything, but a year after, I started making my games with my own models, it gives you the satisfaction of knowing that the game is modeled and scriptes completely by you or your creation team.


I try not to use free models, but if you make sure its fine, I find no problem with them, as long as they are not huge. For example, I’m pretty sure piggy actually uses a wrench and hammer free model. Its not that big of a deal because they are tiny, but generally, try not to use them.


I find this as a tad bit of an odd question for this category, but I’ll go ahead and try and answer it anyways.

Free models are something on Roblox that can help unexperienced developers who don’t usually 3D model, but if you know how to 3D model, I would completely stay away from using free models. While there’s nothing wrong with free models, you can still use them. It’s just there are 2 main cons about using free models.

The first being that a lot of free models contain scripts with backdoors and/or viruses in them. They can do things such as TP you to another game, make it keep having popups, etc. You know about all that, I assume.

The second reason would be that using free models could make people think that the developers weren’t up for the task of making their own models.

Plus, creating your own creations looks overall better than free models.

Lots of games use free models, and as I said, you can use them, but I would suggest to mostly stay away from them.


I think free models have some advantages to them, the amount of times I get commissioned for something simple and easy thats pasted all over toolbox is pretty insane but its because of the bad rep surrounding free models. I do not personally use them and I think they often do more harm than good. It is very much possible to make a game without free models. A few popular games use free models. I think using free models is alright when in the appropriate time – giving credit, being aware of the consequences (backlash, viruses and other) and it’s okay when you’re using it as a placeholder. Hope this helped


I don’t usually use freemodels only if I have to so not a big change if they got rid of the roblox library. But when I do use a freemodel for some reason I always check for script backdoors, viruses, and other things that break the game.


When I first started roblox I used free models but as I started making stuff instead of using free models. (I occasionally use free models as reference) I eventually found making models is fun and a good way to improve my skills. So my conclusion is free models are good if you are starting out just keep a look out for weird scripts. If you are good at modeling then of course I recommend trying to make your own models, because like I said it is a good way to improve your skills.


Mmmm, not necessarily me, but in general, I’d say free models are a very needed part in the building process.

They’re what new players first see and are things that give definite goals or views on the process of building. You may like a free model, but if there’s a detail you dislike, you’d have to get creative and alter it yourself. I started building relatively recently, but years before that, I used free models and had fun with them. It didn’t really matter whether or not I built the models myself, but it was more so about the fun it brought.

Free models are essential for aspiring developers because of how easily accessible and functional they are. I think there’s a stigma around free models because they’re not personally made, and that’s hinting at an elitism in the developing community. A game can be very fun made of only free models, but it’d get bashed on for simply using them.

Very useful. Hope they never go away, though I don’t personally use them.

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Would you recommend it to your friends, lets say it was there first project, yes?

Do you guys think small development groups trying to start off making like a tycoon would use free models to start?