What's Coming in 2019: This Year's Developer Roadmap

Hmm i seen many cool things there!
Oh yeah! Can’t wait for them to become live.

I’m bummed. I dislike smooth terrain for various reasons and I don’t want to be forced to use it to get the goodies. I suppose it’s easier to implement vegetation on it though?


Well, I know we’re still far off from it, but something that concerns me is that this seems like something you would need to apply for to get access to. Would it be enabled automatically if your place meets specific requirements, like revenue, recent visits, and/or something else?

I hope the requirements are easily attainable so you’re not implementing analytics midway through development.

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Also the fact that it’ll be for only top developers is a bit annoying. A lot of Roblox seems to be about how it’s a platform for everyone and not just for big studios.

You can keep saying that however much you want, but there’s no doubt that there are tons of features which got cancelled silently, with Roblox not telling anyone.

also, thanks for personally attacking me on the public section of the forum


You may show your despair but that shouldn’t a reason to voice it out in the way you have done especially where the whole motive of this thread is appreciation for the ROBLOX admins and the bright future ahead. Once again, you can simply just message these ROBLOX admins and I’m sure they’ll happily reply to you for your enquiries you may have.

I can agree, there has been a lack of transparency when we should expect to know what’s going on. I’m sure ROBLOX would be trying their best to stop this but its just the matter of asking them for reassurance.

I do apologise if I attacked you, wasn’t my intention. There’s multiple people on forums who voice their anger at the team for things which are simply not true- these people should be getting more respect or consideration for what actually goes on behind closed doors. We can’t be making such presumptions that we can’t exactly back up for being true.

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I mean, that was the whole thing I was talking about. They shut down features and don’t tell anyone.

I mean, they built the game. I fully support the Roblox team. If you don’t like the team then don’t play the game :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thats my answer

Don’t know what you’re trying to get off from that when I’ve didn’t voice anything negative about the Roblox team themselves

2019 Roblox Studio updates are OP cannot wait when they release all of them.

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What are the features that you were excited about that got canned ? I understand our communication could be improved but I am not aware of major changes to our roadmap as promised last year.

If you are specifically talking about procedural skies it wasnt part of the official roadmap. Please use the public roadmap that we share as the source of truth. This reaches you after careful consideration so that you can plan your games around it. As a general rule, if we get 75% I am happy with 95% as the goal for the items on the roadmap for a given year.


This isn’t very true. I know for a fact in the past there are features that got cancelled which I was excited for, but as of last year the roadmap is the only true source to know upcoming features from. That being said, they labeled a feature as cancelled near the end of the year, before eventually remarking is as postponed. The feature is now scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

When criticizing the communication we get about updates, it’s important to not poke at things they seemingly have already improved on last year. They’re doing a good job with this, and it shows through the many positive responses these threads get.

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I am ABSOLUTELY hyped for this list. can’t wait to try these features!


@zeuxcg published a Github Gist FAQ about faster Lua. Anyone who is interested should check it out:


Currently, IntelliSense cannot check what methods a ModuleScript has when required. Does this mean we’ll be getting an update to IntelliSense as well to bring this feature? I’m going to presume 70% of people who will use type checking also make use of ModuleScripts to have a OOP style of code. Without an IntelliSense update, I doubt type checking will really take off.


Big question about the custom materials:

Will the object act like a texture object where you can stick it to a specific face, or will you have to deal with using extra parts just to change the floor material from the wall material?

For instance, this is using two seperate textures on the same part:

I really hope the custom materials act like the current Texture & Decal objects! :slight_smile:


This is likely not going to be the case. Custom materials will work like current materials do I would imagine, but you could always suggest this as its own independent feature that would work with prefab and custom materials alike.


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Terrain Vegetation

  • Grass and rocks become procedurally placed on terrain surface. Grass will procedurally react to character movement.

It would be nice if we could add grass effects to parts (instead of only terrain parts). Like, let’s pretend that you made part terrain map using a triangle terrain plugin, it would be nice if we could select the normal faces on each part, and then add the “grass effect” so our triangle terrain map is more visually interactive and realistic.


Question, can any of the staff confirm whether Custom Materials/Textures will also be an option for smooth terrain? Are there any major roadblocks or issues with this?