What's Coming in 2019: This Year's Developer Roadmap

Using Universe Scripts (assuming it will be eventually released some day), many users have stated that managing cross-server matchmaking would be feasible. The problem with matchmaking on Roblox is that experienced players can easily create a new Roblox account (because they are free to make), and they can get matched up with legit new players to your game (which defeats the purpose of matchmaking based on experience). However, there are other things that you can do with universe scripts, such as other cross-server communication / networking.

Again, I am not too sure about the difference between the 2019 roadmap’s intended release dates, and the actual time they release all the features.

Just for 2nd quarter (April - June), they have less than half of the intended features live, and we are about half way through June already. I guess we have to wait and see.

“Future is Bright - Sun Shadows” is actually live, so I’m not sure why it still says “On Track” on the Devhub. I believe the same goes for “Improved Character Importer”. As for the rest, I would assume all 3 features regarding localization would be shipped in tandem and as such would be worked on in tandem, which means only 3 features are left to ship for the second quarter which I believe is totally feasible.


I’m planning on using them to get a list of players in all servers for a messaging system in my game, in which I have just added the MessagingService. I’m assuming I’ll be able to do this based on their name and description and if I can’t I’ll either have to use more pretty complicated code using MessagingService or I’m going to get a lot of complaints about that. I hope universal scripts end up live, they are one of the two or three things on that map I’m already interested in using.

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Looking foward to some of these updates, I’ve always liked Roblox even when I get angry at jailbreak.


Is it really live? I haven’t seen it’s changes yet and too me on the roadmap it still says “On Track”.

Future is Bright sun shadows have been live for about a month and a half, yes. The following things listed as “On Track” on the roadmap are also live (I am sure of this now):

  • Localization – Auto-Capture Date & Time Detection
  • Improved Character Importer
  • Advanced Terrain Tools – Heightmap (this came out earlier this week)

Here are the announcement threads for 3 of those (Future is Bright, Character Importer, and Terrain Tools):

As for the new localization tools, there has been no announcement thread for it yet. However, you can see it is listed as “Live” in the most recent release notes (it also seems I was wrong and that they are not shipping in tandem with each other):


I’m unsure if the other 2 localization features have shipped already, but I do not believe they have.

Edit: @UnderMyWheel pointed out that one of the other localization features is pending release according to those same release notes. I must have missed it.

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Cloud table support update is pending according to the release notes for version 391.

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Custom materials Are on track. Does that Mean its here or is coming soon?

It means internal development for custom materials is on track to be completed by the end of the quarter.


These were my dreams :open_mouth:


What materials will be featured in the “Custom Materials.” Bump map? AO? Normal?

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Sounds reallllly interesting! I can’t wait for all of this!

i cant express how much this will benefit my upcoming showcase game, as well as many others. im glad to see the focus on improvement as we come closer to Q4 2019!


I’m really excited for these upcoming features in Q4. I think it’ll be great to finally have a decent matchmaking system and universal leaderboard that is dependent on the universe and not the actual server itself. The 64 bit also looks exciting can’t wait to test that out, same with the updated lua interpreter. The temporary datastores sound real nie to have.


Last I heard, they haven’t really planned anything out yet, so nobody really knows exactly.


I really like this!

As a developer I find this pretty interesting.

  • The toolbox is something that could be very interesting
    I hope to see an improvement on it, and maybe try to use it as much as possible
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is this related to team create access, or players?

I thought this was related to team create the whole time but I read over it again just now and I could see it being related to Players instead


With typed lua coming, will you be updating the wiki tutorials to the typechecking system?

Probably not, because the type annotations will be optional. It doesn’t make sense to convert all the tutorial code to use type annotations since that makes it more complex for new developers. It will probably also be way too much work to maintain two versions of each code sample, so they’ll most likely stick to the default syntax.

Those are textures, not materials. Materials require all of those textures to make the material.

Much better question is how are the materials being implemented? Will we be able have mesh specific materials?