What's Coming in 2019: This Year's Developer Roadmap

I’m really excited for the Universe Script & Game Services and general cross universe updates


Who are in the closed beta and beta?

beta can be enabled in the roblox studio settings, not sure about closed beta as it’s closed :confused:

Adding onto the above reply, if you don’t see Beta Options in the Studio File menu, you’ll need to opt-in here.

Closed beta is restricted for Roblox Staff, NDA Verified testers, AB Testers, etc. (It depends on the feature).

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Is there any clear expectations on Script Collaboration on the roadmap?

I know it says that it would enable developers to work together at scale, but does that mean more than one person working on a single script at once or something?

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Well, my guess is the drafts service has something to do with it. Looks like a git system, so very likely ability for multiple people working on a single script at once, just not like a live google doc.


I’m so excited to see all the new features and updates that are comign to the platform!

Okay now this is epic. I forgot how long I’ve been waiting for LOD and Terrain Vegetation, so glad it’s finally coming!

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Do we know when it’s supposed to release for beta or the public? I didn’t see anything about it during the livestream.

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Sad that we don’t get 64 bit client but VERY happy to hear about multithreading improvements. Would be nice if developers could utilize multiple cores on the client and server.

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There is not too much of a need for a 64-bit client. Engineers are more focused on network streaming and level of detail to load players into large games faster and load as much as the client can handle based on their hardware.

The multi-threading improvements are only for the engine. Developers won’t be able to utilize multiple cores, and there is no real need to. There are also many solid reasons on why multi-threading would be worthless to almost every game developer:


Release dates for new features are rarely given out as things never go the way planned development-wise. It is better for them to work on a product until it is ready and then release it rather than having deadlines.


True, however at some point the client will need to be able to use more RAM . With all the talk of “very large games”, optimizations can only go so far.

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We have not seen a need for 64-bit clients tor large games so far as the bulk of memory on the client is usually in graphics assets that are allocated in VRAM and don’t count towards 32-bit limit. 64-bit clients are unavoidable but not critical atm.


Why are universe scripts/game services deferred? I have been waiting since last year then to be moved to 2019 then deferred? Any news why this is the case?


Sometimes plans change and they can’t get to everything as planned; that’s why this is a high level roadmap.

This was covered on RDC; there are three parts to the larger project - cross-server messaging, ephemeral data stores and Roblox functions (fka universe scripts). When we looked at what exact usecases these features cover we ranked them in this order so we’re working on ephemeral data stores and Roblox functions will come after.


Better late than never. I’d rather have a quality feature than a half-broken, rushed one. Especially since a lot could rely on universe scripts specifically.


I did not know it was covered in RDC, as I did watch some but not all of the live stream. Thanks for the explanation.

I briefly asked @qmasterman about this at RDC after his talk where he mentioned “script drafts” and he told me that DraftsService is something else. Perhaps a more detailed explanation can be posted here.

Could someone please explain to me what 64-bit servers will be like? The short description gives little to go on. My understanding is extremely large games will run better and faster for everyone? Essentially?