When clicking the “Roblox Profile” button on a user’s profile, it will extremely rarely will not load & falls back to your own profile

  • Description:
    Normally, on the user’s DevForum profile, there is a button that takes you to their Roblox profile. This works fine, but i’ve noticed something on a subset amount of profiles. where clicking the button,
    rather than displaying the intended one, it loads your profile instead, with broken friends, followers & following counts, Currently Wearing & friends list.

  • The other problem is the join date, rather than display the actual user’s date, it will display yours instead.

  • However, Creations and Favorites are displaying as intended.

  • Clicking the 3 dots menu & clicking Inventory will take you to the “That page doesn’t exist or it’s private.” error page.

  • Chance of happening: extremely rarely

  • Screenshots and videos of the bug;

  • Repro steps:

  1. Visit a specific profile
  2. Click the Roblox Profile button
  3. Check to make sure it loads the bugged one. If it displays correctly, it is working as intended (i said it again, happens extremely rarely)

The link seems to go to the right place but the (partially) wrong content is being loaded on the WWW profile page.

I recommend re-reporting this under #bug-reports:website-bugs once you find out more detailed repro steps and they can take it from there. It doesn’t seem to be a problem with the forum-side.

Check How to post a Bug Report on how to get access.

thanks, can you close this? i want to delete it because it’s not necessary