When Inserting models In-Game my unions are disappearing?

Hi, I made a mesh aircraft a 757-200, and I’m currently having issues with Unions disappearing in my plane model once I insert it In-Game.
I honestly have no clue, I’ve tried resizing the unions, replacing them, Re-unioning them (and All unions are properly grouped and anchored). And now I have come to the DevForum to find help

(Also I am Using Adonis Admin to insert my Aircraft)

Before Insering In-game (In Roblox studio
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After Inserting (In-Game)

I feel like maybe the admin you used to insert it can’t render Union parts, this is my assumption.

Do you by a chance have an admin you can recommend that may solve this issue?

How are you inserting your model in-game?
Specifically detail what code or script you’re using.

I am using Adonis Admin Commands for inserting my aircraft.

My best guess is your union isn’t rendering in-game because it’s corrupted due to its complexity. Avoid creating complex shapes with unions as they aren’t stable with the current implementation of unions, or better yet don’t use unions at all. What you could try is to save your unions that becomes invisible as an obj file and upload it as a mesh to replace the union.

I do not know what admin can render the union parts in-game, sorry.

Perhaps corrupted unions?

Adonis should work fine. Have you tried to make sure that the unions are not corrupted?
This is often the case when you use the CSG system on Roblox, that it sometimes doesn’t save or get uploaded properly.

Did you try to reinsert the model on the game through Roblox Studio and see what it looks like? It’s a good practice to make sure everything works before closing Roblox studio and that you’re connected to the Internet as unions are stored online.

If you’re not aware, there have been other issues related to it, see How to fix corrupted unions?

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