When should I consider becoming a builder?

Hi! I’ve been interested in construction for a while now and I’ve realized that you need to have knowledge in certain skills like: modeling, UI creation, scripting and more.
So I thought about what basics I should take into account first before building and how long I should master it perfectly.

. As a Spanish developer I would like to hear about which is more favorable to learn


Best to learn is modeling mixed with building, or scriptig, whichever suits you most

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It’s really up to you. Though I would suggest learning how to 3d model on something like Blender and learning how to build.

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Why not start now? For basics of building I believe you need to know how to insert and manipulate properties of parts/meshes/unions, how to upload textures/decals stuff like that. For plugins you might need


Stravant Building Plugin Series

There is also F3x which many people find useful and many people dont, so you should try it for yourself.

Also checkout this post which explains about color theory and other stuff.

I also highly recommend checking out this post which shares useful channel for building;

There are many building tutorials on the forum, by many talented builders, my favorite builder is TrustMeImRussian and he has some tutorials on building too so you should check out these too.


Hello, I could help you build I am a builder and I would like to help you a lot and I am also a Spanish speaking person, you can contact me through my Discord: Mateooarce1 # 5653 :slight_smile: