Youtube Channel for Building Tips/Tutorials



Hey all,

Here’s some background behind my building experience:
I’m currently a member of Shiguto, Roblox Architects of Robloxia (RAR), and former member of LAR if any of you remember that. I post a lot of my work on Twitter, but here are just a couple things I’ve worked on

So I have a youtube channel that I’m pretty much dedicating to building tutorials, tips, and everything having to do with Roblox building. I just thought it’d be much easier for me to just make a single thread with all the videos and just update it as more videos release. Hopefully once I have more videos I can create more categories, so this will be building from the ground up. Thanks!

Roblox Building Tutorials for Starters:

Building alongside me (Videos that follow my thought process behind building):

Miscellaneous videos:

Also if anyone has any suggestions about future topics to cover and/or ways to make these videos better, I’m open to all feedback.
Things I’m already noting are:

  • Shorter, more concise videos
  • More organization

If for some reason you need to contact me off site, here’s some contact info:
Twitter: @JukeRblx
Discord: Justin#0877

But please don’t hit me up for commissions at the moment.


Low Poly Designs

Awesome builds dude! Liking the tutorials. Nice job.


Great tutorial, even better builds!


Bro, extremely great builds man!


Hey! I just absolutely love your work. I shouted out your channel in my Discord, and will most likely shoutout you in my next video. I’m surprised you have only 300 subscribers!? You’re amazing, and people need to check your channel out. Awesome work man!


Great tips you should us very awesome.


What video editor/recorder do you use?


Might check this out sometime.


Great job, I’m loving the work


Haha, the builds got me. Excellent builds! They are definitely amazing.


I used Action! recorder