When will the requirements for Regular update?

Old requirements for Regural Rank:

To level up to Regular , you need to make sure you (1) use to the forum appropriately according to our community rules and guidelines, (2) have made a few posts on the forum, (3) visited the forum for several weeks and (4) you need to pass through post approval several times successfully. You will be automatically promoted to Regular once you meet the criteria and have a clean moderation history.

I believe I meet all the requirements for Regular rank except for passing Post Approval multiple times. Tho post approval was deprecated and the requirements for Regular haven’t been updated in around 2-3 months if I’m not mistaken.

Note: Promotions from Member --> Regular are on hold until the criteria are updated to not include Post Approval, since Post Approval has been deprecated.

How to level up on the Roblox Developer Forum

Is there any info on when the requirements will update? Cause I can not create topics or reply in all categories, like #platform-feedback for example, which kinda pisses me off :man_shrugging:

Once DevRel implements their replacement for post approval which is overdue.


This was already asked recently: Update on becoming a regular?