Where am I allowed to talk about Discord on Roblox?

hello i am very confused on whether or not discord is allowed because you all say not to post discord links. Also the word discord is hashtagged in roblox. Yet i found this while i was configuring my game.
Im saying this right now that i am not going to put a discord link inside my game im just displaying it ps im not allowed to go on discord because not much filter

Could you please tell me if discord is or is not allowed on roblox and whether or not this is an actual bug. If this is supposed to be there then I apologize for wasting your time. Tysm :happy1:

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The only place on Roblox that supports the discussion of Discord is the social box under your group or game description. If you want to promote your Discord server or other social media inside of your game, redirect them to “the social media box under the description”.


Basically discord is indeed allowed on ROBLOX. Having said that because its a 13+ platform and ROBLOX has people younger than 13 you cannot advertise it to youngsters.

Therefore the only place you can advertise it is in the social media promotion tab because the ROBLOX website only allows 13+ users to see that (so any in game advertisement would not be allowed as could be viewed by everyone.) @EncodedLua’s answer is very direct and pretty straightforward just wanted to clarify the reasoning behind this.