Where can I find some good triangle terrain plugins?


I plan on making a zombie apocalypse type of game, and I wanted it to have nice, simple, triangle terrain. The problem is that the plugin I used to use for this broke all of a sudden, and I can’t seem to find any good triangle terrain plugins now.
Maybe my terrain could be similar to the terrain in apocalypse rising, but I don’t really know how that was made.
If anyone has any working plugins (or techniques) that aren’t too tedious, please tell me

As always, thanks in advance!

I would recommend Terrain Mesher but it does cost some robux.

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does it still work though? There was a lot of people saying the mod didn’t work in the comments…

work fine for me (you might have to reinstall it if it bugs)

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I would recommend Atrazine’s Terrain because it’s pretty easy to use. The only thing is that it takes quite a bit of time.

If you want something more script friendly, here’s a video on that:

Here is some stuff you can do with it:

You can make it as detailed or as low-poly as you like.

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Here’s one I made.

Low Poly Terrain Helper plugin

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Yo that’s actually so smooth and too good! How did you make this? After all I only did the simple noise map generation

The video I mentioned shows everything you’ll need to know. It basically draws triangles in between the points you give it. Those points are generated via the noise map.

I will say, however, that it doesn’t look very good texture wise. Because these are basically wedges with different sizes and orientation, the material textures don’t line up. This could be solved either by using no textures such as with SmoothPlastic or by using unions. However that will also take a lot of computing power if you’re unioning a lot together at once, especially at the higher detailed levels (smaller triangles).

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