Where can I get TEXTURES of the studs, inlets, glue, and etc. surfaces?

Everything that I can give is in the title.
I need to find the stud, inlet, glue and universal textures images so I can put them on humanoids. (For some reason the only way to put surfaces on a humanoid is with a texture)
Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Question: Do you need image files that resemble the studs/inlets/glue textures or are you looking to add the actual things?

i need image files, I looked through the roblox files and found no textures of inlets and whatnot.

Adding the actual sufaces with a surface plugin will not do anything

Hmm…, I wonder where to find them. The problem is that it is much more complicated than simply aligning the camera with a part that DOES have them and taking a screenshot, because of the warping that the camera applies.
EDIT: I may have found a way to do so with little to no warping:

Does this look ok, it can easily be recoloured or used with a different surface type, I can even prepare the assets myself

And yes, humanoids will hide those surfaces

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Alright, thanks, but maybe there will be a better answer, for now, I’ll mark it as a solution.

Thanks for your time.

Your welcome

Thank you, just what I needed!

I have made this for you to use: rbxassetid://8130710802
Make sure to use a Texture with StudsPerTileU and StudsPerTileV both set to 1
You can change the colour my modifying the texture’s Color3

You can also get surfaces on humanoids by putting a SpecialMesh in every body part (ignore the head) and setting the MeshType to Block.

Interesting, but thank you for your take on this.