Where can I post questions about the engine or studio?

Often I have questions regarding the game engine itself, however there is no category for that. And I had a question about studio the other day. But there is no proper place to ask these types of questions. I also often see users asking questions about devex or something about the website in help and feedback but again there is no correct category for that. I’ve been defaulting to #lounge:roblox-discussion for a question however there has to be a better place.

I had bumped a request for such category a while back and I’ll continue to support it. But this topic is concerning where I should post these for now while there is no proper category for these questions.


Yeah we really need these categories. Every time that I’ve posted a bug report regarding Studio, it’s always because I overlooked a setting or a feature already in place, but I don’t have a place to ask for support before posting the bug report. I often see such topics go in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support, however, I think there can be a better place for them. I think a category called “Technical Support” shall be added, which can host any Roblox related technical issue like with Studio or the Create page on the website.


Since your a regular your best bet is likely lounge, may just take a bit of time before you get a response,

Or as @TheCarbyneUniverse the general ‘other’ catagory for support on basically anything roblox related at the moment is #help-and-feedback:game-design-support

Depending on the question #discussion may also be viable however the guidelines are more strictly adhered to then #help-and-feedback:game-design-support


We prefer that Discussion stay strictly for discussions that are open-ended and have more than one answer as opposed to single-post Q&A questions. I don’t know how strictly this is enforced but I do know a few editors (myself included) tend to move out simple questions.

I honestly would prefer a Studio Support category, we’ve brought that up a few times and there’s been feature requests for it as pointed out in the OP. It seems more and more people are curious about the engine itself. My only real qualm is that category getting misused. Trivial problem until it gets abused en masse and we’re constantly having to move threads out.