Where is the surface thing in the models tab?

My models tab used to look like this:
But now the Surface part of it is gone:

How do I get it back?

Please reply if anybody knows the answer.

It’s been removed, although I think you can still get surfaces by going into the toolbox for something and changing the surfaces.

Or using this Building Tool by F3X plugin

What?! Why did they remove it?

Depricated We couldnt use it anyways because we needed to change the material to plastic it started as smooth

I can’t find the announcement, but it’s somewhere. Try searching that up.

It sucks ik I am mad about it too

I’m just going to copy and paste my character and rip the parts out of it to get surface inputs.

Cant it is all smooth :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh, my character still has surface inputs

The surface tool is gone the only way is making a plugin since the API still exists but yeah or using Building Tools By F3X plugin

Oh really well then your lucky lol because it is all smooth for me

Although the Surface Tool was removed as a native feature of Roblox Studio, the API that allowed it to work is still accessible (even though it’s deprecated), which means that plugins can restore its functionality.

Here’s a fantastic plugin that brings this feature back:

*For additional info, here’s the announcement thread that explains why it was removed

I think it was because the roblox platform as a whole is moving on. Surfaces are simply no longer relevant, only for some nostalgia games. New features such as pivot points however, deserve the space it occupied in the model tab more imo.